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Italy, situated in Southern Europe, is a nation celebrated for its rich history, cultural heritage, and a population of approximately 60 million people. Rome, the capital, stands as a symbol of Italy’s historical significance. The country, a founding member of the European Union, operates as a parliamentary republic. Italy’s economy is diverse, encompassing industries such as fashion, design, automotive manufacturing, and tourism. The nation has been a historical and cultural powerhouse, contributing significantly to art, literature, and philosophy. Italy actively participates in the European Union and NATO, emphasizing its commitment to European integration, economic cooperation, and collective defense. The government, led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, has faced challenges such as economic reforms, migration issues, and political instability. Italy’s foreign policy is shaped by its role in international organizations, strong ties with the European Union, and diplomatic relations with various countries. The nation has been involved in peacekeeping missions and is committed to addressing global challenges, including climate change, sustainable development, and human rights. Challenges include economic recovery, political cohesion, and managing its position within the European Union amidst evolving dynamics. As Italy seeks to balance its historical legacy with contemporary challenges, its foreign policy is likely to continue emphasizing European cooperation, international partnerships, and contributing to global initiatives that align with its values and interests. RELATIONSHIPSPLUS: Features defense and foreign policy of Italy.