South America Travel Information

South America Travel Information

  • Size: 17,000,000 km²
  • Population: 385 million
  • Countries: 12
  • Languages: Many local languages

Data sources: Countryaah Official Site

In South America, there is a world of its own to experience. This is a continent of extremely diverse nature, with everything from tropical rainforests to large, wide plains filled with grass. Here you will also find the incredible, historic buildings and works of art, such as Machu Picchu, the NASA lines and the magnificent Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro. The pulse of the modern city is also found on the continent with several large cities as popular tourist destinations.

South America Countries

Countries Number of foreign visitors per year Tourist income (US dollars)
Argentina 5,559,000 (2016) 5186 000 000 (2016)
Bolivia 959,000 (2016) 801 000 000 (2016)
Brazil 6,578,000 (2016) 6613 000 000 (2016)
Chile 5,641,000 (2016) 3697 000 000 (2016)
Colombia 3 317 000 (2016) 5835 000 000 (2016)
Ecuador 1,418,000 (2016) 1449 000 000 (2016)
Guyana 235,000 (2016) 65,000,000 (2015)
Paraguay 1,308,000 (2016) 356 000 000 (2016)
Peru 3 744 000 (2016) 4303 000 000 (2016)
Suriname 256,000 (2016) 74,000,000 (2016)
Uruguay 3 037 000 (2016) 2156 000 000 (2016)
Venezuela 601,000 (2016) 546 000 000 (2016)


  • Capital: Buenos Aires (ALLCITYCODES.COM)
  • Population: 42 million (2014)
  • Currency: Peso
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country code for telephone: +54

Argentina is a popular destination, and above all, it is perhaps Buenos Aires that attracts or the vast grasslands of Pampas. Argentina is a well-developed country and is one of the world’s strongest economies, where they are included in both the G-15 and G-20.

Tourist in Argentina

There is a lot to discover in Argentina, not least because of the great variation in the climate. Most live in well-tempered areas, but there are also parts of the country that consist of glaciers, which to say the least guarantees a different holiday experience. There is a lot to discover for everyone in Argentina, including modern and historical architecture and culture and of course football.

Tourist in Argentina

Vaccination in Argentina

As a resident, you have no obligation to vaccinate yourself against anything special according to the Argentine authorities. But as a visitor it is still good to come prepared, with a good basic vaccination and also a vaccination against Hepatitis A and Tuberculosis if you plan a longer stay. Yellow fever is a problem in Argentina, and therefore vaccination is recommended if you visit the northern and northeastern parts of Argentina.


  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Population: 42 million (2014)
  • Currency: Peso
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country code for telephone: +54

Bolivia is located in the central parts of South America and has been an independent nation since 1825 when Spain released its grip on the country. The nation lacks the coast, which means a beach vacation may not be the best choice, but Bolivia is in the middle of the Amazon, the rainforest, so there is plenty to discover in the country.

Tourist in Bolivia

Bolivia is a country that has unparalleled natural experiences, where large parts of the country are still undiscovered. Many people like to go cycling on The Death Road which gives a good overview of how different and unique Bolivia’s nature is.

Tourist in Bolivia

Vaccination in Bolivia

If you have previously gone through the Swedish vaccination from a young age, you have a basic good protection when visiting Bolivia, although the protection may need to be reviewed. In addition, it is important to vaccinate against Hepatitis A, and given that Bolivia is lying as it does, they also have problems with mosquitoes that spread both the Yellow fever and malaria. Therefore, vaccinate yourself against the Yellow fever, which you must also show proof of if you come from Africa or other risk countries in South America, and protect yourself from mosquitoes. In addition, vaccinations against Tuberculosis, Cholera and Typhoid are also recommended for vulnerable groups.


  • Capital: Brasilia
  • Population: 202 million (2014)
  • Currency: Real
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Country Code for Phone: +55

Brazil is South America’s largest country on the surface, which means it is also the country with the largest population. With such a large country, there is so much to discover and do, from a visit to the cool rainforests to enjoying the beautiful beaches along the coast.

Tourist in Brazil

Brazil is South America’s most popular destination, and many travel there to experience many things at once. Sunbathing is a culture in Brazil, but it is just as easy to quiet its cultural and sporting nerve in many of the country’s cities, or why not visit the Amazon.

Tourist in Brazil

Vaccination in Brazil

Brazil is located in a vulnerable location purely geographically, where there are risks of entry. However, you do not have any requirements to be vaccinated against anything specific, but it is necessary to get prepared. In addition to basic protection with standard vaccines, you are also recommended to vaccinate yourself against Hepatitis A and B. The area also has a mosquito problem, and they spread Yellow fever and malaria, so vaccinate you and protect you from mosquitoes. Cholera, Tuberculosis and Typhoid are also good to vaccinate against if you spend a longer time in the country.


  • Capital: Santiago
  • Population: 17.8 million (2014)
  • Currency: Peso
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country code for telephone: +56

Chile is a long and narrow country that covers a large part of the western coast towards the Pacific. In the east, the Andes extend throughout the country, and only it is an experience you should not forget. Chile is one of South America’s most stable countries and prominent in development.

Tourist in Chile

Chile does not look like any other country. It is 4,300 kilometers long and an average of 175 kilometers wide, which of course affects how the country’s climate looks. The coast is popular to visit, as are major cities like Santiago. Or why not try a trip to Easter Island?

Tourist in Chile

Vaccination in Chile

When you are in Chile, you need the basic protection you get in your childhood vaccinations, and this should be reviewed prior to a trip to Chile. In addition, it is wise to vaccinate against Hepatitis A, and also Hepatitis B if you are going to spend a longer time in Chile. For especially vulnerable people, it is good to also protect themselves against cholera and even mosquitoes if you find yourself in a problem area. There are no vaccination requirements from the Chilean authorities.


  • Capital: Bogotá
  • Population: 48 million (2015)
  • Currency: Peso
  • Languages: Spanish and less local languages
  • Telephone code: +57

To understand the size of Colombia we can compare it with France. Two pieces of France would be accommodated in Colombia and it will then be easy to understand what a large country it is.

Tourist in Colombia

Colombia is truly a multifaceted country in terms of climate, where you can find virtually every climate variant you can imagine. The country also has a huge cultural treasure that attracts many tourists every year. Here is everything you can imagine from history, nightlife, culinary delights and relaxation. A tourist paradise.

Tourist in Colombia

Vaccination in Colombia

It is always important to have an up-to-date and good protection against basic illnesses, which many already receive during young years. It is good to review your vaccination before you travel to Colombia, and there are other things to watch out for. Vaccination against Hepatitis A is recommended for everyone and depending on where you are or if you belong to a risk group, it is advisable to vaccinate against Yellow fever, Tuberculosis, Cholera and Typhoid. Mosquitoes also spread malaria, so do what you can to protect yourself from mosquito bites.