Sights of Lake Como, Italy

Italy has been the favorite holiday destination of many Dutch people for many years. Cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence and Livorno do very well as a weekend trip. But for the summer holidays we prefer the places around Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. Lake Como in the northern region of Lombardy is very popular for its pleasant climate and the relatively short travel distance from the Netherlands. After all, it is not far from the border with Switzerland. Lake Como regularly provides a cooling breeze, also known as ‘breva’. As a result, it can also be kept well in the warm period of the year. Around the lake ‘Lago di Como’ there are endless nice places to visit. Large cities such as Como alternate well with intimate villages such as Varenna and Bellagio. Campers can easily go to one of the many campsites. There are very nice campsites around places such as Domaso and Sorico. If you prefer to go on holiday in a hotel or apartment, this part of Italy is also an excellent place to stay.

Top 10 Lake Como Attractions

#1. As
According to, southwest of beautiful Lake Como is the Italian city of Como. Lago di Como has been very popular as a holiday destination for many years. The largest city on this lake is Como. In centro storico, the historic heart of the city, there are several places of interest to discover. There is certainly a lot of history to be found within the old city walls. Especially the Gothic style cathedral ‘Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta’ can count on many visitors every day. But a walk through the atmospheric nostalgic streets also provides beautiful views. On Saturdays it is especially busy around the market of Como in Piazza Vittoria. various merchants, growers and growers from the region try to sell their products here. Another fun trip is to take a funicular to the higher village of Brunate. You will depart from Piazza de Gasperi. During the crossing you have a heartwarming view of the region and of course the always beautiful Lake Como. You can then relax at the Piazza Cavour in Como while enjoying a snack and/or drink.

#2. Bellagio
The town of Bellagio, like many other towns on Lake Como, is partly built against the hills. The characteristic buildings therefore stand out beautifully against the wooded mountain in the background. The city of Bellagio has nothing to complain about fame. The medieval heart of the city and the beautiful location on Lake Como are an excellent combination. Among the top attractions of Bellagio are the nineteenth century villa ‘Villa Melzi d’Esti, many churches, Basilica San Giacomo and charming streets such as Salita Serbelloni where you will find nice boutiques and restaurants and of course the former palace Villa Serbelloni.

#3. Comacina Island
The small yet lush green island of Isola Comacina is located in Lake Como. The island was donated to the Italian state around 1920 by the former Belgian King Albert I. Today, the island is managed by the ‘Fondazione Comacina’ foundation and plays an important role between the Flemish and Italian artists’ community. Many visitors to the island of Isola Comacina also come here for archaeological sites uncovered in the twentieth century. These include the Romanesque basilica of St. Eufemia, the castle of S. Pietro in Castello and the Antiquarium museum where some archaeological finds are exhibited.

#4. Villa Melzi
The monumental Villa Melzi was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century in the town of Bellagio. The commission for a summer residence came from the wealthy Melzi family. Francesco Melzi, in particular, had quite a finger in the pie as Vice President of the Italian Republic. Villa Melzi was built under the direction of the Swiss-Italian architect Giocondo Albertolli. The impressive garden is the work of Luigi Canonica and botanist Luigi Villoresi. In the English garden you will find water features, an orangery, a chapel and a number of statues such as that of Giovan Battista Comolli.

#5. Brunate
The small village of Brunate on Lake Como in Italy has nothing to complain about when it comes to attention. Many tourists look forward to traveling to this place from Como by funicular. The tour provides exceptionally beautiful views of the mountainous region and Lake Como. You don’t have to be afraid of heights. It is a funicular over a track. The tour takes about seven minutes and departs every half hour. In Brunate itself you can enjoy special and varied architecture, the fourteenth century church of Sant’Andrea and the lighthouse Faro Voltiano.

#6. Orrido di Bellano
East of Lake Como is the town and ravine of Bellano. Orrido di Bellano is a popular tourist attraction that definitely belongs in this list of top 10 sights. In the orrido di Bellano you have a view of a waterfall that comes from the river Pioverna. While walking over the specially constructed bridge you will be overwhelmed by the noise of the water clattering downwards. Meters down you have a view of the Bellano gorge, which was created by erosion at least fifteen million years ago.

#7. Palazzo Gallio
The stately palace with four towers of Gravedon bears the name Palazzo Gallio. Commissioned by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, the building was built in the sixteenth century. In the nineteenth century it was then used as a factory and later as a hospital. Today you can enjoy concerts, exhibitions and other events in the Palazzo Gallio.

#8. Roman baths in Como
A wonderful legacy from the past are the Roman baths of Como. The ruins of the Roman baths can be admired in Viale Lecco, south of Piazza del Popolo in the city of Como. ‘Le Terme di Como Romana’ were found during the excavations in 2002 and between 2006 and 2009. The origin of bathhouses is estimated between the first BC and the fifth century AD. At that time, taking a bath was mainly a social event. The spacious dimensions of the rooms confirm this.

#9. Waterfalls Domaso
If you are looking for a cool day in the sometimes warm Italy, then you would do well to visit the waterfalls in Domaso. The old former fishing village of Domaso is usually a friendly and quiet place. However, during the summer months it can be a lot busier. This is often due to the tourists who like to visit the place and certainly the waterfalls. If the weather conditions allow it, you can enjoy a swim. Children like to jump from stone to stone and walkers and cyclists will enjoy themselves in this beautiful wooded area.

#10. Villa Oleandra
Lake Como and in particular Villa Oleandra are inextricably linked to the movie star George Clooney. The star of movies like Ocean’s Eleven and series like ER bought the house in 2001. Over the years, he has regularly received famous friends such as Matt Demon, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones who have enjoyed the pleasant climate, the beautiful view and especially the nineteenth century Villa Oleandra itself.

Lake Como, Italy