Ivory Coast Travel Information

On January 6, 2017, soldiers will have taken control of public buildings in the city of Bouak¨¦, and the situation will be tense up north in the country. It is an unclear situation that can spread to other parts of the country quickly. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages Norwegian citizens to exercise caution when traveling to or staying in Abidjan and does not advise travel that is not strictly necessary for other parts of the Ivory Coast. According to Abbreviationfinder, IC stands for Ivory Coast in geography.


The situation is tense north of the Ivory Coast after military night to Friday, January 6, 2017 has taken control of public buildings in the city of Bouak¨¦. The situation is considered unpredictable and it is reported that the unrest is spreading to other cities in the north of the country.

Travelers are encouraged to refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ current travel advice for the Ivory Coast. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages Norwegian citizens to exercise caution when traveling to or staying in Abidjan.

Although the situation in the country has been steadily improving since the civil war in 2011, crime is regularly reported on local gangs and unrest within the defense. In November 2014, several Ivory Coast soldiers took to the streets in protest of non-payment of bonuses and other benefits. Particular caution should be exercised around military installations and one should avoid taking pictures of people without permission and photographing military facilities. There is also unrest in the border areas linked to militant activity in Mali and Burkina Faso (Sahel).

There may be unrest in the border areas between Liberia and Ivory Coast. This is a vulnerable area, which could threaten stability in both countries.

Foreign citizens should not be particularly exposed to violent crime. Again, Abidjan will be safer than the rest of the country. Events can happen both daytime and evening. Travelers are encouraged to take reasonable precautions and to show particular care in choosing a place of residence and location. Luggage should be kept under close supervision at airports, bus stations and other public places.

  • Countryaah: Yamoussoukro is the capital of Côte d¡¯Ivoire. Check to find information of population, geography, history, and economy about the capital city.

Norwegian citizens staying in or planning a trip to the Ivory Coast are encouraged to register their journey via www.reiseregistrering.no.

Major Landmarks in Ivory Coast


Please note that entry regulations may change. The Foreign Service is not responsible if the following information on entry regulations or visa requirements is changed at short notice. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that travel documents are valid for entry and to familiarize themselves with the current entry rules for each country.

There is a visa requirement for Norwegian citizens, and visas must be obtained in advance. A visa must be applied for and issued from the Ivorian Consulate in Oslo (Consulate of Ivory Coast, Prinsens gate 22, 6th floor, 0157 Oslo, tel. 22 31 31 90) or the embassy in Copenhagen.

Along with the passport, which must be valid for at least six months in addition to the travel stay, a health/vaccination card must be brought. Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. A doctor or vaccination office will be contacted well in advance of the trip to obtain necessary vaccines. Always bring a photocopy of your passport and air ticket.

Due to the Ebola in neighboring countries, all travelers to the country will receive a health examination which includes temperature control, filling out a health declaration and disinfecting their hands.


Ivory Kiss is on the World Health Organization’s list of countries where Zika can occur and the Institute of Public Health has updated health advice for pregnant women and other travelers to travel to these areas. Read more on the NIPH website: www.fhi.no.

Ivory Coast requires yellow fever vaccine and health vaccination cards are brought on entry.

The standard of local hospitals is generally poor, but there are some private and local clinics that are designed for easier treatments. More comprehensive operations should be undertaken in Europe. The pharmacies have a wide range of medicines. Malaria prophylaxis is recommended. Everyone should be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and poliomyelitis.

Practical information

The Danish honorary consulate in Abidjan is following up cases concerning Norwegian citizens. Responsible Norwegian Embassy for the Ivory Coast is the Embassy in Accra (Ghana). There is limited capacity for monitoring Norwegian nationals in the country. The UD’s 24-hour operational center in Oslo can be contacted on tel. +47 23 95 00 00 in case of emergency.

The official name is the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire and the capital is Yamoussoukro. The largest city is Abidjan.

The area content is 322,463 km2 and the population is 22.85 million (estimate 2014).

President is Alassane Ouattara. He was re-elected by a large majority in October 2015. Observers rated the election as free and fair.

French is the official language. The most important African languages ​​are dioula, baoul¨¦, dan, anyin, cebaara and senufo. Most major hotels and restaurants also speak English.

Local currency unit is CFA. There are ATMs in Abidjan, around the tourist spots and at the airport. Some hotels accept credit card payments. According to allcitycodes, country code / area code +225. There are several local mobile networks. The current is 220 volts.

There is generally no need to pay special attention to local customs and clothing. This also applies to visiting women in Muslim areas in the north. However, it should be taken into account during religious holidays.

Ivory Coast is the world’s largest cocoa producer. Other income comes from oil and gas. The port of Abidjan is the largest in West Africa and is an important transit point for goods to neighboring countries in the north: Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. The country has in recent years experienced strong economic growth.

There have been protests and conflicts in recent years, but these have largely been based on the civil war.