Sights of Gibraltar

The modest country of Gibraltar has something to surprise and interest foreign tourists. Its main attraction and visiting card is the Monkey Kingdom or Apes’ Den reserve, which is inhabited by Varavian monkeys, otherwise called Magot or Maghreb macaques. In addition to being the only macaque species living outside of Asia, Gibratlar has also become their only haven in Europe. According to some beliefs, Gibraltar is in the power of Great Britain as long as at least one magot monkey lives here. The Rock of Gibraltar, which makes up almost half of the entire territory of the country, is itself an interesting attraction. According to ancient legends, she is one of the majestic Pillars of Hercules. There is also a fortress of the 18th century, which is still considered impregnable. Of particular interest are the tunnels of the fortress, cut right inside the rock, they are called The Great Siege Tunnels. This is a real labyrinth created by skilled engineers. Nowadays, the tunnels have acquired a new meaning, they host theatrical performances, exhibitions and other cultural events. In the southern part of the cliff is the headquarters of the Parson-Lodge fortress. Also here is the Gibraltar Military Heritage Center, which contains a lot of objects and documents testifying to its difficult fate and the important role of Gibraltar in world history. By the way, a cable car leads to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar with a stop in the Kingdom of the Monkeys, which in itself is an excellent option to admire the local beauties and magnificent landscapes. The heart of the city of Gibraltar is considered to be the Moorish Castle, which dates back as far as 8 centuries AD! This is the oldest building in the country. In the city itself, the Scottish Church of St. Andrew, the Harris Library, the Governor’s residence, the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary and the Catholic chapel of the Lady of Europe of the 15th century, the Alameda Garden and Trafalgar Cemetery deserve attention. Be sure to visit Lime Kiln, where the last lime kilns that once flooded the entire peninsula have been preserved. Of course, the Gibraltar Museum is also very famous. You can feel the concentration of all the life of the city on the main street La Calle Real or just Main Street. Here are collected all the most interesting shops, pubs and restaurants of Gibraltar. Great Europe Point is an iconic place, the southernmost point of Gibraltar. Here is the southernmost British lighthouse. Another natural attraction of the country is the cave system associated with the defensive bypass of Gibraltar. The most popular are the cave of St. Michael, famous for its huge vaults and underground lake, as well as the cave of Leonora. Sailing is actively developing in Gibraltar, and the country is considered one of the best yachting centers. Scuba diving is also popular here.

National cuisine of Gibraltar

Like many other overseas territories, Gibraltar cannot boast of authentic, original cuisine. It inherited the features of many countries, including Great Britain, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Libya, America, India and China. Despite its modest size, Gibraltar is a gourmet paradise with many restaurants serving delicious dishes from around the world, usually al fresco and paired with a rich wine list. In Gibraltar, you can taste almost the whole world: try German sausages, Moroccan sweets, English ales, excellent Spanish and French wines, dishes with African spices, Portuguese fish dishes and English Shepherd Pie. Gibraltar’s “classic” dishes include the calentita pea pie, the spinach tortilla, and the panissa poultry pie.


The country has an airport Gibraltar Airport. Regular flights from the local company GB Airways connect Gibraltar with London and Manchester. From Russia, you can get here by British Airways, which flies from Moscow to Gibraltar via London. Flights to Madrid and Morocco are also open from Gibraltar, however, due to the short term, they have an extremely unstable schedule. Air Malta operates charter flights from here to Malta. The closest and most convenient alternative to Gibraltar Airport, which may be closed due to strong storm winds, is Málaga Airport in Spain, 120 kilometers from Gibraltar. A cable car operates in Gibraltar, it goes from the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens to the main rock with an intermediate station at Apes’ Den. Basically, the population of Gibraltar travels by car or motorcycle, but buses also run here, and on six routes at once. Unlike other British territories, traffic here is on the right. A lot of tourist cruise ships come to Gibraltar, as the Strait of Gibraltar is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. A passenger ferry also links Gibraltar with the city of Tangier in Morocco, departing twice a week for a one-way fare of £27. There is no railway in Gibraltar, the nearest San Roque station is located in the town of La Linea in Spain. Ferry to Tangier is another option to get to the railway, but already in Morocco.

Sights of Gibraltar