Hong Kong Travel Guide

Before leaving, we kindly ask you to check the availability of the following documents:

  • foreign passports of all participants of the trip;
  • railway and air tickets (round trip);
  • travel vouchers (vouchers for all services);
  • insurance policy;
  • a power of attorney certified by a notary from one of the parents (for children traveling without parents).

It is recommended to make a photocopy of your passport, air and railway tickets and store them separately from other documents.

Rules for crossing the border of the Russian Federation You need to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the departure time indicated on the ticket. To board a flight you need:

  • Check in for your flight at the check-in desk and receive your boarding pass. The check-in desk number is indicated on the central board opposite your flight number;
  • Pass customs inspection, for which you need to fill out a customs declaration. Customs declaration forms are located in front of the customs line on tables or special racks. If you are exporting foreign currency equivalent:

o up to 3,000 US dollars per person, the amount is exported freely;

o up to USD 10,000 per person, the amount must be declared and the passage is through the red corridor;

o above USD 10,000 per person, you must have bank documents with you;

Passage of customs control is carried out in the wing where the check-in for the flight is carried out;

  • Then board the aircraft through the entrance, the number of which is indicated in the boarding pass. We remind you that check-in closes 40 minutes before the flight departure.

Arrival in Hong Kong Upon arrival, you need to go to passport control and go through it in order of priority. We draw your attention to the fact that you need to queue for tourists (VISITORS), anna local residents (CITIZENS). Before passing, it is necessary to fill out emigration cards and keep them until the very departure from the country.

Customs restrictions in Hong Kong You can import duty-free into the country: 9 cigarettes or 1 cigar (maximum weight – 25 grams) or 25 grams of other manufactured tobacco, 1 liter of alcoholic beverages with a strength of over 20 degrees. The import of household electrical appliances and other household items is allowed – one item of each item, subject to their guaranteed export. Detailed information at the link to the website: www.customs.gov.hk/en/passenger_clearance/duty_free/index.html

Meeting at the airport After passing through passport control and collecting luggage in the arrivals area ( DEPARTURE ), you will be met by a guide with a sign “TOURIST’S NAME” (in English). The guide waits for tourists within an hour after the landing of tourists. If you are delayed in the baggage claim area or at customs control, be sure to call the number indicated in the voucher and provide this information to the guide.

Transfer to the hotel You can get to the hotel by means of the Aeroexpress train, which goes from the CENTRAL metro station and makes one stop along the way in the KOWLOON area. You can also use the services of regular buses or taxis.

Departure from the hotel / transfer to the airport Check-out time at the hotel 12:00. You can leave your luggage in the hotel’s storage room. You need to pay for additional services before the bus arrives. Please pay all additional services (use of the mini-bar, telephone, etc.) in advance. Upon arrival at the airport, baggage is checked through customs immediately at the entrance. Then you go to the check-in counter, where your flight number is indicated, check in your luggage and get a boarding pass, after which you go through passport control, where you fill out the departure registration card. Next, proceed to the departure hall, where you are waiting for the announcement to board your flight.

Visa to Hong Kong

Visa to Hong Kong:
From July 1, 2009 Russian citizens do not need a visa to visit Hong Kong. The stay in Hong Kong is limited to 14 days, you can get permission for a longer stay only in Hong Kong.
For citizens of Ukraine and Kazakhstan, a visa-free regime is also provided for a period not exceeding 14 days.

Since February 13, 2018, a visa-free regime has been introduced for citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

Attention: If you enter Hong Kong from mainland China, while having a single-entry visa, you will not be able to drive back on it, since leaving for Hong Kong is considered to be leaving China. If you plan to travel from China to Hong Kong and back, apply for a two-entry visa in advance.

Visa to Macau:
When entering Macau, Russian citizens are issued a visa upon arrival. For citizens of the CIS countries, an entry visa is required. A visa is issued upon arrival in Macau for a period of 1 month. Sometimes (rarely) cash in the amount of at least $1,000 is required. Import and export of currency values, including casino winnings, are not limited. Do not forget that when entering Macau from China, the validity of the Chinese visa is terminated, and in order to return to China after visiting Macau, you need to make a double-entry Chinese visa in advance.

Hong Kong Travel Guide