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Lebanon, located in the Middle East, is known for its diverse cultural heritage, historical significance, and a population of approximately 6. 8 million people. Beirut, the capital, has long been a cosmopolitan hub. Lebanon gained independence from French mandate in 1943, and its political system is characterized by confessionalism, where political power is distributed among various religious sects. The nation’s economy, once a regional economic powerhouse, has faced challenges due to political instability, sectarian tensions, and the impact of regional conflicts. Lebanon’s foreign policy has been shaped by its delicate sectarian balance, with the country aiming to maintain a stance of neutrality in regional conflicts. Lebanon has been a key player in Arab diplomacy, participating in the Arab League and emphasizing its commitment to Arab causes. The nation has also faced the complex task of balancing relations with regional powers, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, while navigating the influence of external actors like the United States, France, and Russia. The government, led by Prime Minister Najib Mikati, faces daunting challenges including a severe economic crisis, public dissatisfaction, and the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion in 2020. As Lebanon strives to address its economic woes, political divisions, and the impact of regional conflicts, its foreign policy is likely to focus on regional stability, economic recovery, and diplomatic initiatives that safeguard its delicate internal balance while seeking international support to address the multifaceted challenges it currently faces. RECIPESINTHEBOX: Features defense and foreign policy of Lebanon.