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Ireland, an island nation in Northwestern Europe, is characterized by its lush landscapes, vibrant culture, and a population of approximately 4. 9 million people. Dublin, the capital, serves as the political and economic center. Having gained independence from British rule in 1922, Ireland operates as a parliamentary republic. The country’s economy, once primarily agrarian, has evolved into a modern, knowledge-based system with a strong emphasis on technology, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Ireland is a member of the European Union and has been a proponent of European integration, emphasizing its commitment to the single market and free movement. The Good Friday Agreement of 1998 brought relative peace to Northern Ireland, and the nation continues to prioritize cross-border cooperation. In terms of foreign policy, Ireland actively engages in multilateral forums, peacekeeping missions, and international development initiatives. The government, led by Taoiseach Miche├íl Martin, places importance on maintaining close ties with the United Kingdom, particularly in the context of Brexit, while also fostering relations with the European Union and the United States. Ireland’s foreign policy is characterized by its commitment to human rights, climate action, and global stability, with an emphasis on promoting disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation. Challenges include addressing socio-economic disparities, managing the impact of Brexit on trade, and navigating the evolving dynamics of international relations. As Ireland continues to navigate its role within the European Union, strengthen global partnerships, and address domestic and global challenges, its foreign policy is likely to emphasize diplomacy, multilateral cooperation, and contributing to international efforts that align with its values and commitment to global peace and development. RELATIONSHIPSPLUS: Features defense and foreign policy of Ireland.