Sierra Leone Travel Information

Most trips to Freetown can be completed without any particular problems. In other parts of the country there may be greater risk. There has been peace in the country since 2002, and the country has a relatively stable political government. According to Abbreviationfinder, SLE stands for Sierra Leone in geography.


Most trips to the capital Freetown can be completed without any particular problems. In other parts of the country there may be greater risk. The World Health Organization declared Sierra Leone ebola free in November 2015. Accidents in traffic pose a serious risk, both in and outside the capital. Profit crime and robbery occur.

The country is not exposed to natural disasters, but Sierra Leone has rainy season six months a year (April-October). Heavy floods can then occur. The airport is located on an island and transportation to and from requires both car and boat. Therefore, in a crisis situation it can be extra demanding to leave Freetown.

Norwegian citizens are encouraged to register on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel registration sites.

Major Landmarks in Sierra Leone


Please note that entry regulations may change. The Foreign Service is not responsible if the following information on entry regulations or visa requirements is changed at short notice. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that travel documents are valid for entry and to familiarize themselves with the current entry rules for each country.

Norwegians must apply for a visa before entering by contacting Sierra Leone’s embassy in Berlin.

  • Countryaah: Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone. Check to find information of population, geography, history, and economy about the capital city.

Vaccination cards must be brought with a valid yellow fever vaccine.

Travelers are responsible for having a valid passport (valid six months beyond the end of travel).


Contact your doctor or vaccination office well in advance of your trip to get the necessary vaccines and information on malaria. Gulf vaccine is required. A valid vaccination card must be presented on arrival. Check the Public Health Institute’s pages for updated information. Sierra Leone is a malaria area. Preventive medication is recommended, as well as the use of mosquito repellent and mosquito nets.

The health services in the country are poorly developed and all travelers are encouraged to have travel insurance that covers transport in case of serious illness.

Practical information

Responsible Norwegian Embassy for Sierra Leone is the Embassy in Accra (Ghana). Norway is represented at an honorary consulate in Freetown. There is limited capacity for monitoring Norwegian nationals in the country. The UD’s 24-hour operational center in Oslo can be contacted on tel. +47 23 95 00 00 in case of emergency. According to allcitycodes, Sierra Leone area code is +232.

Sierra Leone is a former British colony, and its laws and governing bodies are based on a British model. Sierra Leone is a republic.