Holidays in Oman

Is it worth vacationing in Oman?

Oman is not a very popular tourist destination. And like any country, the Sultan of Oman has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Clean beaches;
  • Wide opportunities for outdoor activities;
  • Interesting nature;
  • Quite curious architectural sights;
  • It is pleasant to have a rest with children;
  • Pleasant climate;
  • Few tourists, especially Russians;
  • Good attitude of staff in hotels;
  • Amazing untouched oriental culture.


  • Relatively high prices;
  • Lack of usual entertainment, clubs and discos;
  • Not everyone likes the strict local Muslim rules;
  • Few shopping opportunities;
  • You need to get a visa.

IMPORTANT: It can be noted that it is pleasant to relax in Oman for those who have nothing against Muslim countries and go on vacation primarily for the sake of the sea and outdoor activities, and not for the sake of discos or shopping.

Climate of Oman

According to, the climate in Oman is arid, subtropical, with a strong influence of the monsoons. In the interior of the country, summers are very dry and hot, while on the coast it is quite humid. Winter is more or less warm. From May to August it is too humid and hot here, but from October to April it is quite comfortable. There is almost no rain in Oman; in Muscat, for example, there are about 330 sunny days a year.

As you can see, in Salalah the climate is a little more pleasant in the summer, although due to the high humidity it is still not very comfortable there.

Visa to Oman

Oman as a tourist destination is poorly developed, so citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS require a visa to enter there. You can apply for a visa either through an official tour operator or through a private person in the Sultanate of Oman who will send you an invitation. It is impossible to issue a tourist or transit visa at the Moscow Embassy of Oman.

A visa is issued for six months, and allows you to stay in the country for three weeks.

Resorts of Oman


Muscat is the capital of Oman and one of the oldest islands in the Arabian Peninsula. The city is very green, despite the fact that there is practically no rain here, and water is really highly valued. In ancient times, it was through Muscat that exotic goods entered the Roman Empire.

For tourists, Muscat is interesting due to its amazing nature, interesting monuments of oriental architecture and ample opportunities for beach and outdoor activities, as well as a good rest with children.


Salalah is one of the most ancient settlements of the Sultanate of Oman, the capital of the province of Dhofar in the south. It is located near the Arabian Sea and is rich in both beaches and interesting architectural sights. A lot of emigrants from different countries of the world live in Salalah, which makes it very different from other cities in Oman. Also in Salalah, water sports are well organized, and the service in the hotels is really at a high level.

It is also worth highlighting the coastal cities of Sur, Sohar and Al-Sawadi, where you can have a good rest on the beach, as well as Nizwa, the ancient city and the spiritual capital of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oman


How to dress in Oman?


It is better not to wear tight and too short open clothes, especially for women. On the beaches, of course, you can sunbathe and swim in a swimsuit, but you shouldn’t walk the streets like that.


Is it safe in Oman?


Oman is the safest Arab country, there are no hostilities and there is almost no crime.


When is the best time to go to Oman?


The ideal time is autumn and early spring. At this time, there is no such sweltering heat as in summer, and there is practically no rain as in winter. And the sea is warm enough for swimming.


Do they speak English in Oman?


Almost everyone in Muscat knows English, but outside the capital, the number of English speakers is seriously declining. But in places popular with tourists, the staff usually knows English.


Can you buy alcohol in Oman?


It is quite difficult to do this. The easiest way to buy alcohol is in hotels, since there is practically no alcohol in local cafes and restaurants, and you can’t buy alcohol at all in ordinary stores.

Reviews about the holidays in Oman

Oman is not a very popular destination, and there are few reviews about it. In general, they are positive – people like local beaches, the absence of a large number of tourists and clear water. True, many people end up dissatisfied with hotels and their service, especially the fact that they constantly have to stand in lines, for example, in a restaurant or on sunbeds.

Of the negative points, they also note very high prices for hotels and the almost complete lack of opportunities for shopping. But diving and other active entertainment in Oman is just wonderful. Those who rested there with children also speak very well of Oman, but it is better to do this in autumn, as it is too hot in summer and the sea is cool in winter.

Holidays in Oman