Visa to Albania

All countries should have such zeal as Albania shows, luring tourists to their hospitable lands! Firstly, holders of a valid Schengen, visas to the UK, Ireland and the USA can freely enter here all year round. And in the summer, even this is not required: citizens of the Russian Federation just need to present a passport and insurance at the border – and you can enjoy your vacation for as long as 90 days. However, if necessary, it is not difficult to obtain an Albanian stamp, and the visa fee for our compatriots is only 30 EUR. The prices on the page are for November 2021.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Albania is 2.812 million (2021).

The validity of the passport is at least six months on the day of entry into the country.

Tourist visa to Albania: general information

Do they give multivisa? given for at least six months
Term of receipt from 3 working days; but in fact – about 10-15 days
Validity limit 6 months from the start of the trip
  • The cost of a regular visa


  • Express visa

not issued

  • Visa fees

Visa and customs

Every year during the summer period, citizens of the Russian Federation can enter Albania without a visa for up to 90 days. For the rest of the year, a visa and medical insurance are required for the entire duration of the trip.

It is allowed to import any items for personal use into Albania, including jewelry, photo and video equipment. The import of local currency is strictly prohibited, but you can take foreign currency with you without restrictions. Tobacco, alcoholic beverages and perfumes are allowed across the border in reasonable quantities: up to 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco), up to 1 liter of strong alcohol, up to 2 liters of wine, from perfumes – a maximum of 50 ml of perfume or 250 ml of eau de toilette.

Pets will not be allowed in without a veterinary passport, a microchip and a certificate of vaccination against rabies.

It is forbidden to import weapons and explosives, drugs, pornography and any materials that offend national dignity. For the export of products made of precious metals, ancient coins and scrolls, antiques and art objects, you must present a document confirming the purchase. Antiquities – even stones from archaeological excavations – cannot leave the country: they will have to be content with copies of ancient artifacts sold everywhere.

Do Russians need a visa to Albania?

Albania annually determines the period of visa-free entry for citizens of different countries of the world. In 2019, Russians can freely visit the picturesque Balkan state from April 1 to October 31, the allowable stay is up to 90 days. The rest of the time you need either a valid Schengen (as an option – an open visa to the USA, Ireland or Great Britain), or a national Albanian stamp.

Documents for a visa to Albania

Required documents for visa:

  1. international passport

With two blank pages, valid for 6 months on the date of entry into the country, as well as copies of its first page and travel records;

  1. Photo

Two color photographs 47×36 mm (white background, photographs from a maximum of six months ago);

  1. Survey

To be completed in Russian or English

  1. Help from the place of work

On the letterhead of the enterprise indicating the position and salary, seal and signature of the head;

  1. Booking a hotel

A document confirming payment for hotel accommodation (voucher or confirmation of paid booking);

  1. Ticket booking

Copies of round-trip air tickets;

  1. Financial Security Guarantees

Bank statements on the availability of amounts at the rate of 50 EUR for each day of stay in the country;

  1. Medical insurance

medical insurance (with a copy) for the entire stay in Albania with a coverage amount of 30,000 EUR.

  1. Transit visa

You need a copy of the visa of the state where the traveler is going;

  1. Visa for business travel

Request from a natural or legal person registered in Albania and documents on its financial solvency;

  1. Visa for treatment

An agreement with a medical institution and certified copies of medical documents with diagnoses are required

Type A – transit visa for transfer at the airport, B – for passing through Albanian territory to another destination, C – standard short-term visa (single, double or multiple entry for tourism, business visits, visiting relatives, treatment), D – long-term (stay more than 90 days per half year for the purposes of work, study, family reunification, etc.).

Retirees must provide a pension certificate, income statement or sponsorship letter. When applying for a visa for a child, the birth certificate and its copy, a copy of the page from the parent’s passport with data about the child, as well as a notarized power of attorney from the second parent (if the child is traveling with one of them) or both parents (if the accompanying – third person).

When crossing the border by car, the driver is required to present a license (preferably international – there will be fewer problems with them in the event of an accident), insurance and documents for the vehicle.

For a visa, you have to apply to the consular department of the Embassy of Albania, the schedule for receiving citizens is from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 14:00.

Delivery time is about a week. In 2019, the cost of a single entry visa is 30 EUR, a multiple entry visa is 50 EUR. Upon entry, a mandatory customs fee of 10 EUR is charged.

Visa to Albania