Virtual Spinning with My Ride Tomahawk

The spinning It has gained great importance among the targeted activities, since it offers a variable intensity cardiovascular work and at the same time, strengthens the muscles without getting bored.

Especially in winter, this activity is chosen to the cycling outdoors. However, if you find yourself wanting to be at home on cold days, I get a new proposal for spinning in your home, It is of a software called My Ride’s Tomahawk.

The software is applied through a console integrated into the handlebar and includes a DVD with 54 combinations of exercises different 30-minute duration. This allows you to choose the class to perform without leaving home and at any time of the day.

In addition, the program has varied musical styles and choreography that will motivate you to exercise against the screen, which shows the correct posture and proper technique of exercise and even lets you know the duration and the intensity of these physical effort.

An extra software is the personal trainer virtual offering you unlimited times and without leaving your home.

Unlike bikes that include software from cycling, this virtualizes a spinning class so you don’t exercise when you have a desire to be at home.

The only downside is the few possibilities of purchase by a broad public, since its price is not lower, costs 999 euros and it is now available in stores that sell this type of product.

While it is a great alternative that would like to try, its access is limited to a small audience that has economic facilities to acquire it.

We will already have similar options more accessible, but at the moment, we only memorize exercises and choreographies performed at the gym for then play on the stationary bike from our House.