US 61 and 62 in Arkansas

US 61 in Arkansas

US 61
Get started West Memphis
End Yarbro
Length 78 mi
Length 126 km

West Memphis





According to act-test-centers, US 61 is a US Highway in the US state of Arkansas. The road forms a north-south route through the northeast of the state, parallel or double-numbered with Interstate 55. The road enters the state at West Memphis and exits at Yarbro. The route is 126 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 61 in Tennessee crosses the Mississippi River at Memphis and enters the state of Arkansas double -numbered with Interstate 55 and US 70. In West Memphis, US 70 exits for an individual route to Forrest City and shortly thereafter follows a short double numbering with Interstate 40. US 61 then follows the route of Interstate 55 to the north and at Marion it crosses US 64. 20 kilometers north, at the village of Torrell, US 61 turns off to form an individual route. Interstate 555 also starts hereto the town of Jonesboro in the northwest. US 61 then runs fairly close to the Mississippi River and the dead meanders of the river to the northeast. Due to its proximity to parallel Interstate 55, the road has one lane in each direction and serves several farming villages. The largest town here is Osceola and the area consists of flat meadows with few trees. At the larger town of Blytheville, you cross I-55 again, after which US 61 runs on the west side of the highway. Not far after that is the border with Missouri. US 61 in Missouri then continues to Caruthersville and New Madrid.


US 61 was created in 1926, and the route has not changed significantly in Arkansas since then. However, parts have been upgraded to Interstate Highway. On December 17, 1949, the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge opened over the Mississippi River at West Memphis, providing US 61 with a permanent river crossing. Later, I-55 was also routed over this. By 1960, US 61 between West Memphis and Turrell had been converted to Interstate 55 in Arkansas, double-numbering US 61. By 1963, most of I-55 in Arkansas was completed, with US 61 losing its through importance on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 38,000 vehicles cross the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge and 27,000 vehicles south of Turrell. These parts are double numbered with the I-55. The section parallel to I-55 from Turrell to Osceola has only 270 vehicles just at Turrell to 2,000 vehicles at Osceola. Some 6,000 vehicles run between Osceola and Blytheville and 1,900 vehicles near the Missouri border.

US 62 in Arkansas

US 62
Get started summers
End St. Francis
Length 334 mi
Length 537 km





Eureka Springs



Mountain Home


Ash Flat





According to liuxers, US 62 is a US Highway in the US state of Arkansas. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the country, through the town of Fayetteville to Pocahontas and the Missouri border. The road is double-numbered in many places with other US Highways, most notably US 412. The route is 537 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 62 in Carroll County.

At Summers, US 62 enters Arkansas from Muskogee and continues east through a slightly hilly area. After about 40 kilometers you reach the city of Fayetteville, which is the largest city on the US 62 route within Arkansas. The road merges into Interstate 540 here. The next larger town is only 10 miles away and is Springdale. This is where the US 412 crosses. A little further ahead is the town of Rogers, where US 62 turns east and intersects US 71. US 62 then heads northeast through the Ozark Mountains and comes close to the Missouri border. There are many large reservoirs in the rivers in this area. US 62 passes close to Beaver Lake and passes through several large towns on its way to Harrison. This area is quite hilly and has quite a lot of forest. After about 80 kilometers one reaches the intersection with US 412, which then merges for a long double numbering until Imboden, 235 kilometers further. The road has 2×2 lanes from here and is located in an area that is quite far from other highways. From Bear Creek Springs the road is also double numbered for 20 kilometers with US 65.

One then passes through the town of Harrison, one of the larger towns in northern Arkansas. Just past Harrison, in Bellefonte, US 65 exits toward Conway and Little Rock and US 62 and US 412 continue east. This area is fairly flat, a kind of wide valley with hills all around. Later you will come back to hilly area and it will take a lot of kilometers to the next bigger place. One passes a short distance from the large Bull Shoals Lake, a large reservoir. The most important place is reached after 75 kilometers, namely Mountain Home. Then you cross the reservoir Norfork Lake, after which the landscape becomes a bit flatter again. Then you pass through a friendly rural area which is sloping with the occasional forest. It takes about 100 kilometers to the next big intersection, namely with theUS 167, followed by a short 15-kilometer double numbering to Cherokee Village. Here the US inserts 63, creating a triple numbering. At the village of Imboden, the roads split, US 63 and US 412 continue together towards Hoxie and Jonesboro, while US 62 continues alone to nearby Pocahontas. You then cross a hilly area, after which you arrive in a wide valley. The US 62 runs here a bit to the northeast. At Pocahontas, US 67 merges from Little Rock, then double-numbers 40 kilometers to the village of Corning, where US 67 continues toward Poplar Bluff in Missouri. The US 62 then runs to the town of Piggott, where theUS 49 from Jonesboro ends. Not far after that one crosses the St. Francis River, also the border with the state of Missouri. US 62 in Missouri then continues towards New Madrid.


In northwest Arkansas, US 62 follows the historic Ozark Trail, an auto trail from St. Louis to Santa Fe. US 62 was added to the US Highway system in 1930. In the 1930s, several bridges were built over rivers, making this part of Arkansas significantly better accessible. US 62 has never been replaced by a parallel Interstate Highway, so it has a fair amount of through traffic. As early as 1981 it was determined that US 62 needed to be upgraded, a study showed that 31 additional climbing lanes with a total length of 180 kilometers were northwards. US 62 runs through rather mountainous terrain with many elevation changes in northern Arkansas. On October 29, 2014, a bypass opened around Prairie Grove.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 2,200 vehicles cross the Oklahoma border, increasing to 3,000 vehicles just west of Fayetteville and 31,000 vehicles between Fayetteville and Springdale. At Rogers there are 17,000 vehicles. This is the busiest area served by US 62 in Arkansas. Further east, traffic volumes range from 2,000 to 4,000 vehicles further outside the various towns, to 13,000 vehicles in Berryville, 19,000 vehicles in Harrison and 13,000 vehicles in Mountain Home. Further east, 4,000 vehicles are driving again, with a peak of 10,000 vehicles north of Ash Flat. 11,000 vehicles pass through Pocahontas and only 1,000 vehicles run between Corning and Piggott. 1,200 vehicles cross the Missouri border every day.

US 62 in Arkansas