Unexpected Hiking On Padjelantaleden (8)

Saturday, July 2, at half past four, I stand alone on the Padjelanta trail, right where it merges with Nordkalottleden. It has begun to rain and I have rain clothes on. I have just said “goodbye” to my companions who had problems with a foot and gone south, towards Tarrekaisestugorna.But I have a bird inventory to make the upper Njoatsosvágge Sarek, so I’ll go in the opposite direction. During the day we have done about 11 kilometers on Nordkalottleden and I now have 9 km to the nearest house is Såmmarlappa. I must be there tonight because I do not have a tent with me. My trepersonerstält I have been forced to give away from me to the other two traveling companions who by now is somewhere in western Padjelanta. And that was not all they got. Even my knife, parts of my kitchen, most of the gas, my compass, vadningslinan, ended up with more of them. But I have every hope that I will manage my inventory round with the equipment I have. But then there must be holiday places along the way.

Stig meeting.

How could this happen? It was not supposed to live in a cabin and go as much a part; I had intended to stay all night in the tents with the other.But actually it was not strange at all, only things that can happen during the hiking anywhere. An injured foot (luckily nothing serious), much melt water in the streams and the need for reprogramming. And so we decided, originally a group of four, to split us into two groups and go different ways. And after a second division then I stand alone on the trail and wondering if it was the right decision. For I know that without tents will inventory round in two days will be very demanding.

Then I have another problem: the sole of my boot one has begun to loosen the front. This has been going on for several days, and now much play it a lot in the front. Will it be stuck for another five days, and about ten mil? I have no idea, because I have tied up the front edge of the sole with strong cords. It has kept during today’s walk, but the silver tape that I wrapped with morning have given up. Now just strings that apply.

Sulbindningen. If the variant with duct tape was version 1.1 (Attached on the outside of the strings), I have now returned to 1.0. 

I go on in the drizzle and will soon reach the stream from Bádurgårsså. It is unusually large and watered, and it is barely I come across it without taking off my boots. I notice that the loop of the cords do not work so well, it slides up and lurches off from the shoe all the time. I can bend down and pull it back. Then I think about how I perform the actual time step. Careless I slip the loop direct. Despite my efforts slides of every 50 or 100 meters. It is rarely sit on as long as 150 meters.

The rain gradually strengthens. The constant bowing to the wood on the loop makes it flows into the water during the wet clothes all over the place. How am I in 9 kilometers. I’m wet and long to get into the roof.

After more than three hours of walking in the rain, I finally arrived at Såmmarlappa. Some wardens are not there but the little nödutrymmet with two beds open. I hang up all the wet stuff to dry and laws supper.Have not eaten proper food then lunch at one o’clock. No fire in the stove is not necessary to light, it still feels very cozy and comfortable. Maybe cabin hikes after all, is something to think about for the future?