Unexpected Hiking On Padjelantaleden (6)

An important detail needs to be resolved before I start: the gasket. The backpack and most have left, but I have to have with me a rod, my rain gear, as well as nuts, fruit and sweets to eat on the way. Binoculars are also necessary, but my SLR I leave. I do not have too much to carry, because the more I have with me all the more difficult to maneuver, I will be. But how should I wear rain clothes on your backpack now be deposited with all things? The solution is a plain, white plastic bag which I had with someone from the business. Then I give myself away.

Here I find myself pretty high up on the slope of Tjågnåristjåhkkå, between P4 and P5. When the arrow is my backpack with the gasket.Several times a helicopter from Fiskflyg passed through Njoatsosvágge. It has since been the height of 200-300 meters below me. I scout sometimes for my friends but find them anywhere. But the view can not complain – fantastic! (The photo taken above 2013.)

There are big differences in altitude during the trek. Between P3 and P4 is over 100 meters, and between P4 and P5 is about 450 meters away! I will therefore up to more than 1500 meters above sea level. Then I downloaded a couple of hundred meters and then up a bit again. And so it continues. Altogether I will have gone up at least 900 meters (and of course the same height difference down).

When I am at the top (near P5), I see a golden eagle come sailing. There are also snowbirds and several flocks of ptarmigan, a total of 27 grouse. I “cheat” a little and is not really up (but within the rules). It has been very laborious and even risky. The slope is very steep, it is most blocks terrain and it feels a little uncertain. The binding of the boot often comes when I walk around there. However, other barriers also exist: many slippery, water-washed rocks that I was not even thinking of putting your foot on.Not once. The photo below was taken in 2013, from P6 toward P5 and shows the slope of the steep I have to pick me up.

Sometimes I wonder if someone sees my progress up the slopes.Probably not, but if it would be that way so he must wonder. What really makes an older (?) To the fifteen hundred meters altitude with only a walking stick and a plastic bag that equipment? Going up and down the block oceans? And sometimes he stops and looks thoughtfully around, as if he did not quite know where he is and not have a clue as to where he should go. Yes, it must look pretty strange out.

Just this inventory box is an obstacle that I do not think you can get past.Between P6 and P7 is so steep that you can just walk a bit, so the black route on the map skipped. No, do not jump, you have to go back to the red dots indicate, to P7. Then you continue from there to P8 and back to P1.

On the way down from P6. The mountain in the background is Vássjábákte. The photo is from in 2013.

This little detour is irritating and takes time. It is 400 meters of altitude to be down and it’s a steep grass slope that is not completely harmless. At this time there are some big snow field some distance down the hillside. I go out on the first. The snow is soft and melting, and it is quicker to walk on it than on the ground, where I often have staggered. The slope also seems just right for “skiing” on the soles. I try. Snow texture is excellent, it goes with good speed. Actually a bit of good. I try to slow the speed by tilting your boots, just like in the slalom. That’s fine, I’m slowing down.Now I have gone a few hundred meters and snowfield has run out. I stand on solid ground again. Handy. Wondering if someone sees me?