Unexpected Hiking On Padjelantaleden (4)

Unexpected Hiking On Padjelantaleden (4)

Return home

The next morning brings to the attention of early. I have no hurry and will take my time to walk the 13 kilometers to the mooring. I meet a man with binoculars around her neck, just like myself. He asks if I possibly named Hans and are birdwatchers. Sure, that’s fine. And I’m hardly surprised that he asks, all seem the feel. But in this case it is not so strange, he has of course met Mats in boat. The man is self-watchers and do a similar exercise which I did two days earlier. He is on his way to an area in the Tarra Valley.

The path / forest road between Njunjesstugan and mooring at the Tarra River is considered enough as a pure transport distance of the majority.But it is worth pausing here and there and enjoy nature and it’s there.Here are some of my “favorite” under the road.

The bracken and örtdjungel near Njunjes property. Just as tall as a man!

The forest along the road in places of primeval nature. Beautiful and atmospheric.

A tree that has been long and thus become host to a variety of other plants and organisms. When you see such a rotting log and what grows on it you realize how important it is to a certain percentage of trees in the forest is allowed to go through their entire life cycle. Only then can a rich flora and fauna preserved. The process from seed to total decay can to some trees take about a thousand years.

The gray. One of the forest’s most modest and unobtrusive birds with food in its beak to its young. The image dedicated my friend outside bear.

The walk ends with a moment of anticipation in boat before the boat will, driven by Captain Sarstad. We are three who bussed the last piece to Kvikkjokk Harbour.

How is it then for my two buddies, the ones that I did not manage to meet the Njoatsosvágge? Well, they are just ½ day for me on Padjelantaleden!They have been almost exactly the same way as I do, from the time they passed west of Njoatsosvágge. But without staying at the cabins, they’ve just gone past them. We meet the day after at the mountain station.


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