Trains with HowStuffWorks for Your First Half-Marathon: Week 5

We arrived at our ecuador half marathon training. Plays give a push to the workouts and this week will raise mileage significantly, now reaching almost 40 kilometers per week. With these training volumes already almost we are sure to finish a half marathon.

As always, in addition to following workouts on the blog, you can do so daily in. And for those who have just come to this challenge of the 21 k, You can read the post from
presentation to find out all about this challenge.

Training plan Marathon: week 5

Although we don’t specify it on the table, we recommend to do a warm up before each session. As well, it will come very well do stretches at the end of each workout. Mostly in sessions intense, warming and the return to calm they are fundamental to yield better and avoid injuries.

  • Monday: rest.
  • Tuesday: day long series. We will do five sets of two kilometers at rapid pace, leaving two minutes of rest between series and series. I recommend that in the first 2-3 series not you cebéis you with the rhythm, taking it calmly to not get very fused to the last.
  • Wednesday: training of short shooting to release legs of the series yesterday. We will make six kilometers at normal pace and ended up with a kiloemtro at rapid pace to remind our legs that can not sleep.
  • Thursday: It is strength training, we do a circuit of force.
  • Friday: changes of pace doing fartlek. We will run one kilometer at normal pace and half a kilometer to beat fast. Repeat this sequence five times.
  • Saturday: day of rest.
  • Sunday: shooting long, coming this week to the fourteen kilometers followed at normal pace. We take these shootings of more time to train the hydration in the race, something that will come to us very well the day of the test.

General training guidelines

In all the trainings we will use different rhythms of career. Let’s try to define how will be those rhythms:

R1: Running smooth It assumes a basic rhythm to trot. It is the milder pace that we can go running. We will use it the days of soft shooting or discharge.
R2: Run normal an intermediate race pace, which is commonly called “cruising speed”. This rhythm enables us to stay comfortable during many kilometers without noticing fatigue appears. We will use him in long shoots.
R3: Run fast pace that we can take in about 5 k or 10 k. In this rhythm already if we notice that we are fatigued and extra is an effort. We will use it in short shoots, medium or long series or days of fartlek.
R4: Run very fast We say that it’s a rhythm “beyond our means”. This rate could not keep for long. We will use it in short series or fartlek training.