Training with Gums, Do I Provide The Same Results That Train with Weights?

There are many techniques that exist for exercising our muscles. The important thing is to have knowledge of all of them and master them, because the variation is a good way to surprise the muscles and this way to get better results.

An example of this are exercises with rubber, a forgotten discipline in many cases by all those who practice exercise, but which can be of much help, and it is that it is a good way of maintain muscle tone working different groups in a different manner to which we are accustomed. In addition, the lightness and simplicity of the gums makes a companion that is easy to carry and simple to use.

Exercise with rubbers It does not why replace in any case the routine with weights, simply has to be a complement. While exercise with rubbers are equivalent to where they perform dumbbell both movements and muscle work, it has nothing to do this type of the conventional weight training.

The gums are limited, they have capped what to load and resistance are concerned, by what once overcome you cannot add more. In the case of the weights this does not happen, because we can always add weight to what already got up. The good thing of the gums is that they are affordable to all of us, they are easy to transport, so them we can bring to any room and exercise wherever you want. Is why it is a good way to train ourselves when we travel.

The benefits that gives us the training with bands are an improvement of the strength, power, speed, resistance and elasticity. Working with rubber, we will achieve a good muscle base, especially in runners who will then develop an aerobic power. His execution is less aggressive that conventional weights, so you run less risk of injury.

Its use is highly recommended for all those who practise athletics, and it is that they help to exploit better the cardiovascular work, get legs to withstand more competitions from long distance, in addition to increasing the powers of them end up translating into a better brand.

They are a tool used in rehabilitation due to less aggressive therapies that are with our body and on the results bringing. Certainly if what we want is a superior hypertrophy is not the method, then simply It is a way of toning and muscle maintenance.

We can obtain the gums in any orthopedic or sports store. They must be of LaTeX with a thickness of 1.5 cm and a minimum length of three meters, but not more than five. It is important to know movements requiring each exercise and the placement of the rubber so that they exercise a sufficient strength.