Tour De France Wants to Re-Create Women’s Competition

Proof of cycling would have a week long and would be benchmark by american nike and at & t.

The Tour de France, the main cycling road race, wants to recreate its female version. To that end, Jean-Etienne Amaury of the ASO (Amaury Sport Organization), which controls the event since 1947, is behind sponsorship capable of securing the competition in 2015. US multinationals, Nike and AT & T, are the main stakeholders until the moment.

Unlike the men’s event, which began in 1903 and has already had 101 issues, the strategy for women is to offer shorter contracts, attracting fewer sponsors but being able to cover the cost of the event and the prize pool.

The female version would be shorter, with a week duration, but going through the same course of the male. The dispute between the men has duration of 23 days, with two of rest.

ASO organized the Women’s Tour of France from 1984 to 1989. According to Amaury, the event was discontinued because it did not attract fans and media. The last edition of the event took place in 2009. But the severe economic crisis that plagued the world as of September 2008, and the lack of consistent sponsorships made the organization give up again of the event.

The women returned to the competition in 2014. Last year, a claim of cyclists, led by the Dutch Olympic champion Marianne Vos, made ASO organize the Tour de la Tour de France. The test lasted for a day, and was won by Vos.

The inaugural race was broadcast by Universal Sports in the United States. The event had a “tremendous” return, according to Robert James, vice president of content for Universal Sports, which did not release the ratings. Even more so if we think of the hangover with cycling in the United States, after the doping confession of the American Lance Armstrong, who was deprived of seven titles of the Tour of France.

Specializing in bicycle components, Morgan Hill, a California-based company, sponsored a one-day race between women.

“It makes more sense [to have a US company as a sponsor]. There is a very large audience in the United States,”Amaury said in an interview with Bloomberg.

The main sponsors of the men’s version are companies from France, such as Orange (telephony), Accor (hotels) and Carrefour (supermarkets). ASO also organizes the Dakar rally and the Paris Marathon. In the latest edition of the Tour de France, the organizer raised 36.1 million euros (R $ 110 million), an increase of 8% compared to 2013.

If you opted for a longer test in the female, the ASO would have more costs with assembly of signaling and panels of sponsorship along the 3,200 km of route. More costly would still be the transmission costs. RCS Sport and Italy’s RAI have spent more than 6 million euros to show the three-week three-week Giro d’Italia. In the case of the Tour de France, this expense is covered by France Television.

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