Top Riders on Continent Decide On Levorin International MTB Cup

The Tourist Resort of São Roque, 60 km from the capital of São Paulo, will breathe cycling this weekend with the final of the 19th edition of the Levorin International Mountain Bike Cup. From Friday (10) to Sunday (12), Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil, and also Children’s Day, around 600 cyclists will ride the tracks of the Cultural and Tourism Center Brasital, with representatives from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Switzerland, as well as national athletes.

The best in South America will be in the race. From Brazil, the two best placed in the international ranking will pedal in Brasital, Henrique Avancini (Caloi Team) and Raiza Goulão (Soul Cycles). Alongside them, will be the sixth champion of CIMTB Levorin, Erika Gramiscelli (Circuit), and penta Rubinho Valeriano (Merida), besides the current Brazilian champions, Isabella Lacerda (LM / Shimano) and Frederico Mariano (Caloi Team).

Foreign cyclists contribute to further raising the technical level of the decision. They are the Argentines Dario Gasco and Noelia Margaria, the Chileans Nicolas Delich, Pedro Gangas and Denisse Van Sint Jan, the Uruguayans Kian Santana and Eduardo Sayavedra and the Swiss Lukas Kaufmann, based in Belo Horizonte and current champion of Mountain Bike.

Leader of the super elite and very close to winning the bicampeonato, Henrique Avancini praises the event.”CIMTB Levorin is very important for the individual ranking and also in the search for the vacancy for the Rio 2016 Olympics. The organization is always careful to elaborate a calendar that fits the main events in the world, such as the World Cup stages. Continue this way, it shows the commitment of CIMTB Levorin to the sport”, argues the cyclist of Petrópolis (RJ), currently 19th in the world ranking with 906 points.

With the best Brazilian ranking in the Olympic ranking, 401 points, and the best of the country in the world ranking of the UCI (International Cycling Union), with 717, in 34th place, Raiza Goulão also highlights the importance of the event.”In addition to being the most traditional competition in Brazil, the Levorin International Mountain Bike Cup gives us the opportunity to play many points in the world and Olympic rankings. This will be my last race in the international scoring season, I need a great result in Sao Roque”, awaits the goa of Pirenópolis.

While in the super elite Henrique Avancini has 190 points against 148 of the vice-leader Ricardo Pschedit (Trek / Shimano), in the female elite Isabella Lacerda also seeks the bicampeonato, and takes good advantage over second placed Erika Gramiscelli. They are 186 points for Isabella against 141 of Erika. In São Roque there will be another 65 points in the championship, 15 in the Sprint Eliminator (XCE) and 50 in the Olympic Cross Country (XCO), and another 30 for the champions in the international and Olympic ranking in the final, XCO on Sunday 12).

Winners of the Cultural Contest known – With the realization of the new category, Sculpture, in addition to the traditional, Drawing and Writing, São Roque already knows the winners of the last edition of the Cultural Contest of 2014. In the Drawing, Maria Clara Fernandes, 3rd year C of Paulo Ricardo da Silveira Santos School, was the winner, while in the newsroom who will take a bike home is Pedro Lima da Silva, 6th grade B of the school Profª Carmem Lucia Blanco Carvalho de Brito.

In Sculpture are two winners. One of them is the sixtet formed by Larissa Trombini, Livia de Almeida, Mateus Rocha, Maisa Martinelli, Nicole Ramos and Giovanna de Oliveira, 5th class classmates of the José Luiz Pinto school. The other winner is Luiz Felipe Vassão Francisco, also from 5th grade A, of the school Dr. Rabindranth Tagore dos Santos Pires.The competitions are intended for public schools.

The International Mountain Bike Cup is sponsored by Levorin, the official tire of the competition. LM Bike, Shimano and Specialized are the co-sponsors of the event, which commemorates the 19th edition in 2014.

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