Thus Were The Beginnings of The Pilates Method, How Has This Changed Today?

From the middle of the last century Joseph Hubertus Pilates designed its training method first directed to the rehabilitation of sick, and then to the public in general (and especially to the dancers of Broadway) many things have changed in the Pilates.

While studies that Pilates is practiced today have maintained the essence of the method jealously guarding its principles, There have been logical modifications, or our work or our way of life is the same as the of 100 years ago. If the Pilates method helps us to be more functional in our every day, why not would you to change along with it?

Dreaded column Flex

In this video, in which you can see the same Joseph Pilates running some of the most popular movements of his method, you can see how many of the movements running involve flexion of spine. This is one of the major criticisms made to the current Pilates: if already we spent a lot of hours per day in bending position (while working with your computer, while we eat or see television) makes no sense introduce more exercises involving that same movement.

The reality is that life in the 50’s and 60 was not the same as now. The people were much more active in their daily lives: they walked from his home to work and work to home, had much work in construction, which meant spending many hours standing… People moved again, finally and after. So I had much more sense at that time exercise which will facilitate the bending of column, but what now?

With all the time spent sitting (usually in a bad position), it seems that the aim of the exercise, and in particular of the Pilates method, has become in many cases the of improve posture and facilitate intelligent movement. In this way, are increasingly in Pilates classes exercises which help us to have good posture (scapular stabilization of the pelvis, pelvic waist and waist alignment) and other exercises that involve more the extension column to the same Flex.

New tools for the practice of Pilates

The fitness and the industry around it have also changed with the passing of the years, and each day there are new machines, gadgets and accessories that can be used to enhance our training and performance. The Pilates method was not going to be less, and also has used different accessories to become a more complete practice.

The only bit originally designed by Joseph Pilates (apart from machines, clear) was the magic circle or magic ring: a rubber ring with two props which serves to facilitate or hinder (depending on the use we give) the various exercises of the Pilates method. All others (fitball – bad called “Pilates ball”-, bosu, TRX, elastic band, drawer, small rubber balls…) have been introduced by the Pilates professional later.

While these elements were not created by the own Pilates, it is clear that we can use them to improve the experience of classes, to facilitate in the case that there are lesions or pathologies, to hinder others if there is a good level, etc..

It is just another example of that the evolution also occurs in methods that may seem very closed initially.