The Training That You Literally Become a Kangaroo’s Gym!

If you like high intensity cardio workouts to burn twice as many calories, try the training that you literally become a kangaroo’s gym!Four new exercises cardio booster to work without material and in very small spaces!, even to perform in any room of the House.

There are no excuses if it rains, or makes much cold or heat, and you don’t want to go out with the bike or run. Get music, and get ready to sweat training very intensely the cardio and strength at the same time at home, the gym or in the Park. That Yes, pay attention to our advice not to disturb the peace of your neighbors.

Four new jumping exercises

Four cardioaceleradores for burn calories in a very short time, While you work muscularly the undercarriage (legs and buttocks) and the abdominal area, coordination and the explosive force. “All in one” full-fledged training.

Exercises “Kangoo Jumps”:

  • Step-up Bank side by side
  • Jumps Bank side by side (fixed hands)
  • Step-up Bank
  • Jump Burpees Bank turns 90 ° *

Tips for being a good neighbor

Tips for avoid noise floor and thus do not disturb your neighbors. Check that you have any of these measures noise before start training:

  • Assemble a soil with dense rubber plates (type puzzle or tiled) removable
  • Use glass enclosed terrace
  • Take advantage of step between plant floor stairs
  • Use the dormers in the chalets
  • Etc.

Video-Entrenamiento “Kangoo Jumps”