The Press of Banking Is Not The Only Exercise for Chest

The bench press is an exercise to work the chest par excellence. There are many regulars at the gym who refuse to stop using this exercise as the only for muscular chest. As we have said on occasions, variety is good training, and There are also multiple exercises that work other portions of the chest and another way for breast.

The bench press works primarily the mid-portion of the chest (as well as triceps, deltoids and serratos), and often the top portion very useful is neglected in athletes to help the inspiration. The press can be done at different angles, not only straight, tilt upward is a good choice to work the upper portion of the chest.

Tilt down to the bench press is not highly recommended because blood accumulates in the head to increase blood pressure, which increases even more when we exert force to lift the weight, by both exercise limited to the very trained and totally forbidden for people who suffer from hypertension.

Another work area that is neglected with the bench press is the sternal area of the chest, What is usually called “close the chest”. The openings are the choice more extended, with mancuernos, milestones or machine, more or less inclined.

Another group of exercises that, in my view, are the most highly recommended when you already have some level of training are the are: push-ups and funds in parallel. Working with the body’s own weight is a good tone our muscles and ensure a good condition of strength.

The ideal is to modify the exercises whenever routine touch us work the chest, not always stuck in the same. If last week worked bench press the following I will focus more in the upper portion by the incline and in the portion of the sternum to making openings. Introduce a series to the day of (push-ups or funds) are also evidenced in improving our breastplates.