The Nun 2010 Sexiest Carries Diamonds and Is in Vogue Paris

The Nun 2010 Sexiest Carries Diamonds and Is in Vogue Paris

And is called Lara Stone. The Dutch’s Brigitte Bardot has always been the protected from the editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris, It is an open secret. No matter if it is supposedly fat or skinny, favors the editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, ignore what the scale says. Only in the case of course. It is what has to be the spoiled girl. We are not going to think that Carine Roitfeld is now the standard bearer for the “extra pounds” and if the models begin to skip the diet she goes them welcome in her womb alike.

But it is that if there is a field in which it operates well the Stone, is in either be wrapped in controversy. Either by stealing the throne to his Majesty Madonna, that by getting into the skin of a nun halfway between smiles and tears and breakfast with diamonds with a burlesque point. Thus in provocative poses Lara in the December/January issue of 2010 of the French edition of Vogue.

An editorial designed and executed by a mother superior’s name Carine Roitfeld, in an attempt to give a push to the market of fine jewellery with an irreverent nod. Something in Spain would be quite unthinkable…

That is why many of us are bought occasionally international editions of Vogue. Or other magazines.

Lara is certainly in your sauce, and far from falling into the ordinary, in bad taste and touch the lack of respect, the editorial is everything a Publisher should be: visually stunning and flawless.

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