The Importance of The Size of The Container to Control The Amount of Food to Eat

We have always said that at lunchtime not only taste is what moves us to act, but that view is an important point that we must take into account. The way in which we perceive a food will affect us greatly when it comes to eating more or less quantity, and is that the size of the container is very important and it has a direct influence on the amount of food that we eat.

In some post we have seen that it is necessary that to eat correctly and do not eat large amounts of food we must carry out the ritual of the table, sit, prepare dishes, disconnect from the environment and focusing on what we eat… These sn basic guidelines if what we want is to consume food just for the organism and thus avoid intake unnecessary calories. For this reason It is important that we take into account the size of the container, as it will vary very much of a type of person to another and therefore we have to control it.

All of us have in our House a tableware It is that usually use to serve the food. This will greatly determine the amount of food that we eat. Normally with her is how we measure the dose. For example, if we eat soup we will guide through the number of scoops, lunch meat for the place occupied in the dish… These include those who give importance to our household.

But not only this, that not everything we eat we do it with our dishes and kitchen utensils, but that when we eat snacks or bring food to the work we must change the chip, because normally containers are often designed so that we create we eat less than we are actually eating, for this reason it is recommended we fishing them on a plate or a source that we serve as a reference.

This lack of notion when it comes to know the quantities of food that we eat is due to a optical effect, and it is that manufacturers make narrow containers, so there appears to be little product, when in reality the jackpot is elongated. A clear example is the bags of potato chips that are always elongated and narrow so it seems that there are fewer that actually contain.

Something similar happens with the packaging that we use to take lunch to work, We usually tend to carry more quantity than usual, since we don’t have a reference with the dishes of our House. Usually this type of containers tend to be tall and narrow, with what looks like containing fewer than actually are carrying. To avoid this is necessary that before filling with food for work we deposit it in our usual dishes to calculate quantities and thus make more food that we not ingiramos really need.

It is important that we are not guided by the container when it comes to feed ourselves, since often they are designed so that it seems to have less quantity, while in other cases it is the reverse, and some that seem very big, not really contain almost no food. To avoid this the weight will be the reference that we use at lunchtime a product.

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