The Example of Madonna. Can Were You Get in Tip-Top Shape at 50?

We have always heard that over the years our body becomes more lazy and slow, and our physical form deteriorates. This is a reality, as we cannot prevent wear from age, but We can minimize its effects in our organism and delay aging.

An example is the singer Madonna, that 50-year-old remains in the middle of forms with an iron and a perfect way to physical health. To achieve this it It has never stopped training keeping your young body longer. The discipline and perseverance are the basis of his secret, although there are some points that we are going to reveal to reach 50 in tip-top shape from HowStuffWorks.

Physical exercise is a good way to keep our active body. In against what many people think, exercise not it wears more joints and muscles, but rather the opposite, since they reinforce and take longer to grow old. To achieve this we rely on the example of Madonna and follow your training routine.

Just getting up performs a yoga session of Ashtanga which consists of a form of intensive Yoga for experts in the field. These exercises help tone muscle and improve heart rate and relax the mind. Another type of simple yoga that suits your conditions, because we will be gradually increasing level is recommended for beginners.

Then Madonna performs Pilates that it helps you improve your body strength, flexibility and the general condition of muscles and joints. They are gentle exercises carried out with machines or in soil. In the afternoon, after eating, it carries out other types of exercise that alternates. Some days you make weight lifting that keeps your muscles strong and toned.

Other activities that conjugates are session of dancing, cycling, swimming, martial arts… All of them are focused to burning calories and maintaining muscle tone. These activities combine them and make them on alternate days, they are not commonplace such as yoga and Pilates. You are looking for with these activities is to keep the bones protected by muscles strong and ready to deal with any daily efforts.

But both exercise requires your rest, so the singer performed three sessions of massage per week to relieve muscle tension and speed recovery. Good results can be obtained also by making only one session per week and even one every fifteen days.

If we follow these tips we can reach 50 in perfect condition, although it is true that the constancy and perseverance they are two important points that we have to take into account when it comes to exercise, since the sport does not have immediate effects, but that results are noticeable in the long run. The exercise should be an important part of our life, something that the body needs to function properly.