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Nine Good Reasons to Practice Triathlon

Nine Good Reasons to Practice Triathlon

You like to practice strong, that bring results fast? If you answered yes, the triathlon can be your sport. The sport unites cycling, racing and swimming. All in the same proof. Before you say that is not well-prepared enough to practice the triathlon we advised: even beginners can practice the activity, but always with professional supervision and respect for their limits. If you haven’t already become convinced that this sport can also be perfect for you, check out the following the list drawn up by the physical educator Roberto Lemos, the expert in the sport, with ten the reasons why it is worth to start already your training.

Nine Good Reasons to Practice Triathlon 1

Burning lots of calories

Don’t even need to participate in competitions of the triathlon to feel the calories going though. In just a workout of an hour’s duration it is possible to burn 600 to 1,000 of them. The classes must have a minimum frequency of three times per week and include biking, swimming and race, sometimes bringing together the three modalities in a single workout or giving highlight one of them per lesson.

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