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Spain, a diverse and culturally rich country in southwestern Europe with a population exceeding 47 million, stands as a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. Madrid, the capital, serves as the political and economic center. Spain boasts a mixed economy, with contributions from tourism, manufacturing, and services. Challenges include unemployment, particularly among the youth, and regional disparities. In terms of foreign policy, Spain is an active participant in European Union (EU) affairs and has cultivated strong ties with Latin America. The nation maintains a strategic partnership with the United States, collaborates within the United Nations, and participates in various international organizations. Spain has played a role in peacekeeping missions and development projects in Latin America and Africa. The country’s foreign policy aligns with a commitment to multilateralism, human rights, and addressing global challenges. Domestically, Spain has navigated regional dynamics, particularly in Catalonia, and strives for social cohesion. Its historical and cultural significance, combined with active international engagement, positions Spain as an influential actor in European and global affairs, influencing diplomatic narratives and contributing to efforts for peace and sustainable development. RELATIONSHIPSPLUS: Features defense and foreign policy of Spain.