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Rwanda, a landlocked country in East-Central Africa, is renowned for its remarkable post-genocide recovery and socio-economic transformation. With a population of approximately 13 million, Kigali serves as the capital and the political center. Following the tragic genocide in 1994, Rwanda has made remarkable progress in rebuilding and reconciliation, fostering national unity and stability. The economy is predominantly agrarian, with coffee and tea as major exports, and the nation has invested in technology and services to diversify its economic base. Challenges include addressing population density, environmental sustainability, and the legacy of the genocide. In terms of foreign policy, Rwanda has actively engaged in regional affairs, participating in peacekeeping missions and contributing troops to international efforts. The nation is a member of the East African Community (EAC) and the African Union (AU), advocating for regional integration and conflict resolution. Rwanda has also developed diplomatic ties globally, emphasizing partnerships for development, trade, and investment. The country has showcased a commitment to innovation and sustainable development, positioning itself as a model for post-conflict recovery. The “Made in Rwanda” initiative underscores efforts to boost local industries, while the nation’s strategic positioning in the Great Lakes region reflects its role in fostering regional stability and cooperation. Rwanda’s foreign policy is characterized by a commitment to multilateralism, human rights, and addressing global challenges such as climate change. The nation’s remarkable journey from tragedy to progress has garnered international recognition, shaping Rwanda as a compelling actor in African and global affairs, as it navigates the complexities of socio-economic development and reconciliation. PROZIPCODES: Features defense and foreign policy of Rwanda.