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Palau, an archipelago of pristine islands in the western Pacific Ocean, is a Micronesian nation known for its rich biodiversity, vibrant coral reefs, and a population of around 20,000. The capital, Ngerulmud, is located on the island of Babeldaob. Palau gained independence from the United Nations Trust Territory administered by the United States in 1994, and its Compact of Free Association with the U. S. ensures economic support and defense cooperation. Palau’s economy is primarily reliant on tourism and fisheries, with the nation’s commitment to environmental conservation evident in its designation of much of its exclusive economic zone as a marine sanctuary. Palau’s political system is a presidential republic, and the nation has a strong cultural identity rooted in traditional practices and customs. In terms of foreign policy, Palau has maintained diplomatic relations with various countries, emphasizing its commitment to environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation. The nation actively engages in international organizations, including the United Nations and the Pacific Islands Forum, advocating for marine conservation, sustainable development, and global cooperation. As a small island nation vulnerable to climate change and rising sea levels, Palau’s foreign policy prioritizes environmental protection, making it a global advocate for ocean conservation and the well-being of island nations. The nation’s delicate balance between preserving its natural wonders and fostering economic development while navigating geopolitical shifts underscores Palau’s importance in regional and international efforts to address shared challenges.