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Located in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe, Northern Macedonia, previously known as Macedonia, is a landlocked country with a population of around 2 million people. Skopje serves as the capital and the largest city. After gaining independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, Northern Macedonia navigated political complexities, including disputes over its name, which were resolved through the Prespa Agreement with Greece in 2019. The country has since made strides in consolidating its democratic institutions, but challenges remain, including issues of corruption, economic development, and ethnic relations. The economy is characterized by a mix of industries, including manufacturing and services, with a focus on foreign investment. Northern Macedonia aspires to join the European Union and NATO, with its foreign policy oriented toward Euro-Atlantic integration. The nation actively participates in regional cooperation through organizations such as the Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP) and is a member of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC). Additionally, Northern Macedonia has established diplomatic relations with a wide range of countries, contributing to its international recognition and engagement. The country’s commitment to stability in the Balkans and its efforts to address historical legacies underscore its importance in regional affairs, while its strategic geopolitical position shapes its role in wider European contexts. RELATIONSHIPSPLUS: Features defense and foreign policy of Macedonia.