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Kosovo, a landlocked territory in the Balkans, is known for its complex history, diverse population, and a challenging geopolitical context. Pristina, the capital, is a cultural and administrative center. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, a move that has been recognized by a significant number of countries, including the United States and most European Union member states, but is not universally accepted. The country operates as a parliamentary republic, with President Vjosa Osmani currently leading the government. The economy is characterized by agriculture, services, and remittances from the sizable diaspora. Kosovo has faced challenges related to its status, including political tensions with Serbia and issues of minority rights. In terms of foreign policy, Kosovo emphasizes its commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration, seeking membership in organizations such as the European Union and NATO. However, normalization of relations with Serbia remains a key challenge. The government, led by Prime Minister Albin Kurti, focuses on economic development, rule of law, and social welfare. Challenges include addressing corruption, youth unemployment, and the complexities of its relationship with Serbia. As Kosovo seeks to solidify its international standing and foster stability in the region, its foreign policy is likely to focus on diplomatic initiatives that advance Euro-Atlantic integration, address historical disputes, and navigate the intricate dynamics of the Western Balkans. RELATIONSHIPSPLUS: Features defense and foreign policy of Kosovo.