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Ghana, located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, is a nation with a rich history, diverse culture, and a population exceeding 31 million people. Accra, the capital, serves as a vibrant political and economic center. Gaining independence from British colonial rule in 1957, Ghana has been a pioneer in African decolonization and pan-Africanism. The nation operates as a stable multiparty democracy, and President Nana Akufo-Addo currently leads the government. Ghana’s economy is characterized by agriculture, mining, and services, with a focus on economic diversification and industrialization. Known for its historical role in the transatlantic slave trade and the Ashanti and Fante cultures, Ghana has become a beacon of stability in the region. In terms of foreign policy, Ghana actively participates in regional organizations such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU). The nation has maintained diplomatic relations with various countries and actively pursues South-South cooperation, particularly with fellow African nations and emerging economies. Ghana is a proponent of peacekeeping efforts, contributing troops to United Nations missions. The country’s foreign policy priorities include promoting economic development, attracting foreign investment, and addressing regional challenges such as security and climate change. Ghana also maintains strong ties with the global African diaspora, emphasizing cultural exchange, investment, and collaboration. Challenges include the need for sustained economic growth, infrastructure development, and social equity. As Ghana positions itself as a key player in West Africa and the global community, its foreign policy is likely to continue emphasizing regional cooperation, diplomatic engagement, and the pursuit of sustainable development within the framework of international partnerships. PROZIPCODES: Features defense and foreign policy of Ghana.