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El Salvador, the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, is known for its volcanic landscapes, Pacific coastline, and a population of over 6 million people. San Salvador serves as the capital and economic center. Emerging from a history marked by civil conflict, the country has made strides in consolidating its democratic institutions since the signing of the peace accords in 1992. Nayib Bukele currently leads the government as president, representing a break from the traditional two-party system. El Salvador’s economy relies on remittances, services, and manufacturing, with challenges including high levels of informality and vulnerability to external shocks. In terms of foreign policy, El Salvador maintains diplomatic relations with a range of countries, including the United States, China, and regional partners. The nation is an active participant in regional organizations such as the Central American Integration System (SICA) and the Organization of American States (OAS). El Salvador has sought to diversify its international partnerships, aligning with China in a shift from its previous recognition of Taiwan. The government has also emphasized social and economic development, as well as security cooperation, particularly in addressing transnational issues like migration, organized crime, and drug trafficking. While El Salvador’s foreign policy reflects a balance between traditional alliances and new partnerships, the country grapples with domestic challenges such as crime, poverty, and political polarization. As El Salvador works towards sustainable development and social progress, its foreign policy aims to foster cooperation, attract investment, and address shared regional concerns within the context of a changing global landscape. THEMOTORCYCLERS: Features defense and foreign policy of El Salvador.