Stone of Destiny Cablocos-Pernambuco

It was 5:00 in the morning, as usual I woke up with the song of a Nightingale that installed your nest in the power to the House where I live. And nothing nicer to wake up with your beautiful singing sound. After brushing my teeth and take a quick shower, I took my
adventure and travel companion of the last 5 years, my dear and inseparable Alpine backpack 43 of trails and Paths, which in many, many places and adventuresI’ve accompanied me and never let me down.

Checklist done, everything organized, got dressed and left the meeting of the companions of adventure. Soon he was in the company of two of them: Granada with your Crampon 48 also from T&R, which referred me to the brand, and that has the same more than 6 years; and white dog with Your Crampon 68
the T&R, also gained a little over a year ago by our statement.
Normally we would be only 3, maybe more a companion, but the holiday of Independence made it possible to gather a much larger crew: 14 people in total. Two generations, containing father and son, experienced and adolescents in mateiros your first camping.


At 7 A.M. we were all at the point of stocking leading to Serra dos Ventos, beautiful garden district in the State of Pernambuco. Our destination,


a beautiful rock formation already well known practitioners of camping and nature lovers, who go for more than a decade. Fill a Toyota bandeirantes and go around 7:30 toward the barrier of Tabocas, which is 14 km away. Despite the bad road condition, soon arrived.


All landed, time to make a good walk, which to me is essential to a good camping. We went through pitombeiras, jaqueiras, hoses, dozens of banana plantations,some small waterfalls, cashew trees and other fruit trees
and the local flora, always listening to the pleasant sound of water running at the side of the road, from the many springs that exist in the region.


And almost 2 hours later, we arrived to the trail that leads to the rise of the stone of the Caboclos, cater the canteens and over 30 minutes of a steep and tiring and we’re all intact the campground, a little below the Summit of the rock. One stop for all photo
class, except one who declined to be photographed. Beginners were with that face amazed and overwhelmed pointing everywhere showing the towns and villages can see from where we were, and the more experienced proceeded to the site of the camp.


Split tasks. Some were looking for dry wood for a fire, others were for water, I and my two companions we were riding under, some had brought tents, I just a network and a canvas to be made an awning, do you own tent. After all
return, a good canned beans with rice, freeze-dried and went to rest to take stock of the network, while others talked, played guitar and sang.


After a nice NAP, came one of the most appreciated by me: sunset. Gather those who also wanted to see him and climb to the Summit of the mountain, a climb tiring and difficult to access, which earned us the vision of a magnificent sunset then went down and prepare
at night, it was filled with conversation, guitar, meat, and lots of laughter.


Around midnight I went up again to the top accompanied by more 3 fellows to contemplate this time the immense curtain of stars. The night was cloudless so that we were lying down, with the back in the Cold Stone find the constellations and stars that the immensity of the cosmos. After a while we went back to meetthe others, and
After some sleep.


And when the Sun rose over the horizon, there we were again to admire your beautiful and colorful birth. Then it was take a good and strong coffee, disarm all the equipment, collect all the waste, both our as the others lately let more and more dirt on the mountain, and down the mountain. In back, a well-deserved andrefreshing bath in a small bridge of
Stone, with the cold and pure waters of numerous fountains and springs.


At 2 P.M., was coming to an end our Independence holiday adventure. Was home again, with a taste of nostalgia and planning the next destination my, my teammates and my inseparable Alpine backpack 43.