Standing Pilates: More Functional for Your Everyday Life

If you’re that relates the exercises of Pilates with stretching on the floor, you should begin to review your beliefs. In previous articles we explained why Pilates is relaxation and today have come to show you that there are more body positions besides the supine to practice. Have you tried Pilates exercises in standing position?

While increasingly spend more time sitting, human beings are designed to move and walk. Therefore we can consider the fact that if we want that our training is functional, i.e. to be transfer to other sporting gestures and movements of our daily life, we should do it standing. Can we perform standing Pilates?

The answer, of course, is Yes: perhaps it is not what we are accustomed and that can cost us a little more at first, but the benefits are many. Pilates is a method of work that we can apply to different forms of training our body: It is not only abdominal work, and are not just stretching.

There are many people who train, train and train every day in the gym, but that to abandon it forget everything it learned there: your body alignment is not correct, the position is rather poor and the abdomen is completely relaxed. Working with the Pilates method allows us to take these concepts that we work in classes to our day to day.

Practice the Pilates method in standing position will make us to work our balance, the strength of our undercarriage, the correct positioning of the pelvis and spine… All of this is taking strength from our core or Powerhouse. This will benefit us with one better posture and one greater efficiency in our everyday life movements.

The video which I leave as example is of Cassey Ho, known on the net as Pop Pilates: It is an advanced Pilates sequence in standing position with a great work of stabilizers, you can fill it out?