Spinning: I Buy a Heart Rate Monitor or Some Coves?

Surely in any of your classes of spinning you have found with the typical partner which seems that it comes directly from the Tour de France: takes a Jersey to the latest fashion, special shoes, sports drink, mittens (game with the Jersey, clear), hair Ribbon, and if I hurry, GPS. But, What is essential in a spinning class?

When I give a class there is a single thing that I demand that everyone bring: bottle of water to hydrate. From here all are accessories that, to a greater or lesser extent we can do without. But, when you make a purchase, What is better: a heart rate monitor or a few coves?

Personally, I have it clear: the heart rate monitor It seems almost indispensable. Does not need to be next generation: with that measure heart rate, to be both in beats per minute or percentage of our maximum heart rate, let’s sobrados. It is interesting that it is encrypted (which has its own frequency) so don’t cross our data with the coworkers.

The sensors are in a band that is placed under the chest, and is recommended to be fabric and breathable: my first heart rate monitor was part of plastic and quite uncomfortable. Our heart rate information is reflected in the wrist device.

Check our beats during the spinning class is very important, both for our own safety, as in order to maximize the results of the training. There are instructors who can provide us with the intensity of the exercise through percentages, so the use of the heart rate monitor is virtually indispensable.

The CALAS they are a part of the special bicycle shoes that allows shoes to “mate” to the pedals and do not move. Help us to print more strength the movement of the pedal, and also to feel safer When we make speed training.

It shows the effect of coves in sneakers? Personally, I do notice it: foot rests on the pedal to the right height (the coves have to regulate them at the beginning to place the foot in the ideal position) and this can lead us to prevent possible injury.

And you, what you have purchased first: the heart rate monitor or the coves?