Some Thoughts About The Cosmos – And To Follow A Path

Nature is bigger than we usually believe and reality often surpasses the imagination. I have reason to think about this when I read a book on modern cosmology: Our mathematical universe of Max Tegmark. Much has happened since my undergraduate studies in physics at the beginning of the 1970s, and when I take up my old textbooks, I see that it is written entirely new chapter in particle physics, quantum mechanics and cosmology. It’s like I’ve moved to a completely different universe than the one I was in when I went to university – or rather awakened in it. For even if the scientific news has flickered past in the media, I have not put myself in the details thoroughly. I have had other things to me.

A universe – or many?

So I read with increasing astonishment that many contemporary cosmologists quite seriously expect that we not only – as you might have thought before – live in an almost infinite universe but one of an infinite number of universes. The universe is in fact a kind of multiverse and that there may be many parallel universes form. And not only that, some physicists believe that there may even be an infinite number of copies of ourselves, for example, amounts of “fowwe” most of which are different from me, but enough are so similar that it would not be possible to separate us ate and that they live in worlds that the dot is similar to our own earth. And that some of them right now sitting here writing a post in his blog on their versions of External …

For a couple of decades ago, a scientist hardly been taken seriously if he stated this. But there are several world-leading physicist who believes that it is the way it seems to relate. Max Tegmark is, Stephen Hawking another. Frankly I do not know what to think about the theories. But I learn never to give any valid reasons either for or against. I dare not even imagine how much mathematics I would have to acquire further training me to be able to understand a single page with calculations that are made of the above-mentioned gentlemen.

To seek the simple (at least sometimes)

If our place in the world and the universe was difficult to understand, even when I was studying – which I did – so it is certainly not easier today.When you can so people generally happy to a simpler life. And it centers around the example his mobile, facebook – or perhaps nature. The first two, I’m almost completely indifferent, so in my case it will be option number three. There is certainly something in what my good friend Anders’ wife sometimes has pointed out: “When you’re on the mountain trip, it’s an uncomplicated life you live. Everything is easy.” But I assure you: the great thoughts accompany the journey. In the mountains, there is time to think, and the landscape invites you to it.

The last few years I followed a path Priest trail in Kvikkjokk mountains.It is at least a few hundred years old, probably as much as three hundred years and possibly even older. It was used regularly until the 1860s by the priests who would Alkavare chapel and officiate the service. To find the marked path over the mountain has been an exciting task. At the same time a kind of therapy where I found an almost childlike delight in looking for old stone piles and piece together this Prästväg that during the last 150 years has been forgotten. And in the meantime, I have wondered what the priest and his Sami pathfinder saw, what they thought and what they talked about. Maybe it was the most practical thing. But it may also have been those big tanks. They came from different worlds, the possibility existed to enrich each other. But I have no illusions, at worst, they had very different world view that there was much exchange at all.

Upcoming trip and maybe a book

A journey on the path Priest in my planning this year. I miss a few pieces of the puzzle in my investigation and I thought to find them, or to confirm that they do not exist. Then, I hope that my material is so rich that it is possible to write something about it.

Some have contacted me and asked for a book on Divine Path. It’s very encouraging. I’ve been thinking a lot about it since last summer and decided that I really want to write one. The final decision about a book I hope to take after the summer driving.