Somalia Travel Information

The security situation in Somalia, both in Mogadishu and in the rest of the country, is very difficult and highly unpredictable. According to Abbreviationfinder, SOM stands for Somalia in geography.


The Norwegian authorities’ ability to provide consular assistance is extremely limited as Norway does not have diplomatic or other consular presence in Somalia.

Norwegian citizens who, despite the travel council, plan to travel to Somalia are encouraged to register on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel registration .

The security situation in Somalia, both in Mogadishu and in the rest of the country, is very difficult and highly uncertain. Al-Shabaab continues to pose a serious security threat and targets targeted killings of politicians, public servants, security personnel and the AU’s (African Union) peacekeeping force (Amisom), as well as the UN. The clash of clans, armed militia and organized crime also characterize the difficult security situation in the country.

In Mogadishu and other major cities of Somalia, particularly public buildings and hotels are attractive targets for Al-Shabaab. Such targets are regularly subject to complex attacks using both explosives, including suicide bombers, and firearms equipped with firearms, etc. There have been several grenade attacks against Aden Adde International Airport (AAIA), the international airport in Mogadishu, where the UN, Amisom and most embassies have a hangout. Random striking shots are also a security threat to AAIA.

There has been a growing trend in the use of improvised explosive charges in recent years, especially in Mogadishu. Such attacks often occur in densely populated/trafficked areas and hit civilians and others who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Al-Shabaab has absolute territorial control in some areas of southern Somalia and controls several of the years of access to major cities that are, in principle, government-controlled. This prevents free movement and transport. The organization also practices tax collection, recruitment and other forms of power in areas where it has partial control or great influence.

  • Countryaah: Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia. Check to find information of population, geography, history, and economy about the capital city.

The security situation in parts of Somaliland and Puntland has long been considered somewhat better than in southern and central parts of Somalia. This applies to a lesser extent to the areas of eastern Somaliland (Sool/Sanaag/ Cayn), where Somaliland and Puntland are contested for territory and population. Both Al-Shabaab and the Somali Isil faction are located in the Galgala mountain range and east of Bossaso in Puntland.

The pirate operations in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean have fallen sharply in recent years, not least because of. increased naval military structure, including armed guards on board ships. The criminal networks, however, are largely believed to remain intact. in the field of human trafficking and illegal import of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

Major Landmarks in Somalia


Please note that entry regulations may change. The Foreign Service is not responsible if the following information on entry regulations or visa requirements is changed at short notice. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that travel documents are valid for entry and to familiarize themselves with the current entry rules for each country.

Norwegians must have a visa to enter Somalia. Upon arrival at Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu, visas can be purchased in cash for USD 60. An invitation letter has occasionally been required on arrival, including the grounds for the journey and documentation that security is taken care of upon arrival and departure. A valid passport is required for six months from the time of arrival.

Commercial flights: Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airways operate with several weekly flights between respectively. Ankara/ Istanbul, Doha, Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Mogadishu. Other commercial companies have also recently established a route to Mogadishu. In addition, the United Nations operates special flights through the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) and the WFP United Nations Humanitarian Air Services (UNHAS). The EU also has its own flight route between Nairobi and Mogadishu, as well as Hargeisa. However, these companies are not commercial and have limited application beyond pre-qualified personnel on official missions.


Health facilities are very deficient and almost absent in many parts of Somalia. It is very important to have adequate travel insurance and your own funds to cover the cost of medical treatment outside Somalia, evacuation by air ambulance and return to your home country.

It is recommended to contact the National Institute of Public Health for advice on vaccinations well in advance of departure.

Practical information

Somalia is a Muslim community, which also characterizes the dress codes. Women need to cover their hair. Alcohol is prohibited, while chewing the mild narcotic drug khaat is widespread. At the same time, there is a great difference in how strict the application of Muslim rules is. In areas controlled by Al-Shabaab, primarily in parts of southern and central Somalia, sharia is strictly enforced.

Somalia is a distinctive clan community but mainly has a common language,. Somali (with different dialects). According to allcitycodes, Somalia area code is +252.

Somalia today lacks an efficient, national judicial system. During the colonial period, the various areas of Somalia were characterized by legal traditions and legislation designed by the respective colonial powers. It is a temporary constitution from 2012. Much of the effective law enforcement, to the extent that it exists, has been and is largely based on local custom and religious law, the latter especially in areas dominated by the Islamist movement Al-Shabaab.