Scales Bread Without Compromise

It is written about outdoor recreation is surprisingly much about food and recipes. I do not want to be worse without contributing hereby with something that fills a void in most mountain hikers Food List.

It is all about bread. And not just any bread whatsoever, but of a type that is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Even in bread country Skåne, where the shops are now flooded with pre-sliced, light and fluffy breads. With or without sourdough. Where are the black, hard kavringen? And where you can decide how thick or thin slices you want?I’m just asking.

Then you get to do it yourself. But to bake rye bread takes practice. I’ve been practicing, and now – tada! – I can present a bread made from 100% rye and crushed rye. Not a speck of dust even wheat. Seasoned with cumin and encountered a little dark syrup (syrup but should probably be ruled out at my next attempt).

The bread baked in an oblong shape. Unfortunately, not tested than baking it on the mountain, but it is going well at home before leaving.The bread is without problems throughout the tour. Although it would be long.

The bread just taken from the oven.

To cut a disc is an unbeatable test of the knife quality and sharpness.

Facts about the bread (the numbers on a scale 0-10)

Proportion rye flour: 10
Percentage of different type of flour 0
Taste of crust: 10
fluffiness: 0
Weight / volume ratio: 10
Training jaws and mouth: 10
mildness delicate teeth: 0
Durability: 10
Suitability as a weapon of defense against bear attack: 10

The bread can be enjoyed with advantage during snowstorm in slope blocks terrain.


Now I’m out and buy a mousetrap. There have been a mouse in my kitchen, and hiding behind the fridge. And I live on the 3rd floor of an HSB apartment! Time is out of joint. Or something.

PS2, Sunday

The mouse was caught in the middle of the night with the trap. A trap with cheese and one with a piece of freshly baked bread. I need not say which trap the preferred …



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