Sarah Hoey: Yoga Teacher Tells How the Practice Changed His Life

Sarah Hoey: Yoga Teacher Tells How the Practice Changed His Life

The diagnosis of a cancer does not mean only a big fight in the life of yoga teacher Sarah Hoey. It was, primarily, an opportunity of transformation.

Sarah Hoey Yoga Teacher Tells How the Practice Changed His Life

In 2007, when her daughter was only four months old, then professional business management and international relations needed to beat the disease and live your dream. With this, he began to participate in competitions bikini and fitness, studied nutrition, competed in the area of fitness and became a personal trainer and yoga teacher.

Currently, Sarah is an Ambassador of the Well-Being of the hotels Pullman, the Group’s AccorHotels, and travels the world sharing his teachings and practices of yoga. At the end of October, she was in Brazil to promote its activities in partnership with the network of hotels, in an event that counted with the participation of Jasmine.

The Jasmine Food also becomes a partner of the hotels Pullman, which, following the trend of offering experiences healthy and geared to the well-being, will offer for sale to their guests the brand’s products.

In addition to giving a Yoga class to guests, Sarah shared a bit of his life philosophy and how this ancient practice contributes to your well-being.

The ambassador believes that the new generation gives more importance to the need to be more healthy. “The millennials want to live and feel more healthy. This generation defines age, not appearance, but as a general feeling of well-being”.

Sarah believes that problems are so common in the current society, such as stress and anxiety, occur because people have difficulty focusing on the present moment. For her, yoga has an important role to change this scenario. “I used the yoga in times of stress and anguish in my life and it’s been transformative. This practice offers a capacity to grow”.

For those who want to start practicing, but don’t know how, the expert gives a hint: “The first thing is that you need to love yourself, only then will be able to change and grow. Give yourself two or three minutes of your day, sit down and take time to breathe, do a stretching or meditation. Each experience is unique and particular”. The secret, according to her, is only to establish what is important to you and focus on the present moment. Sarah says one of the advantages of yoga is that there is no perfection, and each lesson is a new lesson.

For Sarah, the whole context of quality of life goes not only for physical activities as also by the feeding. She is adept of a natural diet, free of industrialized items. “I eat only healthy food. When I was diagnosed with the disease, I decided that I would not eat nothing more than to compromise my health”.

And as a way to share your eating routine, she was asked to develop four special menus for the guests to get into town. When you do the check-in at the hotel, it is possible to choose between some types of juice healthy: Age Defence, Energy-Boost, Detox or Balance, which can be combined with a training, also created by Sarah.

Check out below one of the juices that are signed by her.

Recipe of the juice detox, anti-inflammatory and energy of Sarah Hoey

Puree in a blender:

  • 3 pieces of saffron-of-land
  • 3 stalks of ginger
  • The juice of a lemon
  • 1 nectarine or 1 orange, to taste
  • Pepper-cayenne to taste
  • You can add stevia to taste, if desired

Consume then.


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