Power Fishing In River SuiÁ Micu – Brazil

Responsible for Power Fishing olives Roberto “Poppers” Fernández and Gustavo “Tomi” Arduino, traveled to the heart of the State of Mato Grosso, in Brazil, more precisely in the river Suiá Micu in an area of an indigenous reserve to fish the world’s largest tarariras calls “trairaos or trairones”, among other immense variety of species such as barracudas, puppies, surubíes, tucunars, species of leather , immersed within a framework of flora and fauna unique and compelling croakers, Jackfish, etc….

We had 5 days of fishing full time, our base for resting and overnight was the Posada Suiá Micu, whose nearest village is the distant town of Querencia about 180 km by a land in arid fields route and arriving in the vicinity of the Inn, the road becomes a thread within the jungle.

We have a low river in its normal height, almost 2 metres down, thus limiting much fishing since the place is characterized by having many lagoons of crystal clear waters, therefore the fish was concentrated in the river and fishing became something more technical and complicated.

The trairones are the star, we had the possibility, as seen in the photos get a few, the average piece was between 5 and 6 pounds. Poppers had the opportunity after 30 minutes of fight to hoist one of almost 10 pounds. By so-called our motto fishing and 100% return of this historical pre species.

While there is quantity to make sweet, although the size is not large, fishing using a computer with an Aldebaran Zodias or curing 71 is very funny and brave, also 100% in surface and yielded more noise of propellers.

The puppies and barracudas separate paragraph literally – “kill you with sticks”, extremely funny and attractive to fish them. Usually in stone sliding, and by the evening it was the best time for these chafalotes megs with large teeth.

Shimano official Point that we are, we take advantage of the trip to test all new products of the prestigious Japanese brand. 3 versions of Shimano Zodias gray coming in a stretch and a half, especially for travel for your convenience in transportation in powers ranging up to 16, 20 and 25 pounds. We also use the Shimano Bass One in 2 segments and new Shimano Poison Adrenas. In terms of the reels had the opportunity to test the following models: the new Caenan new curing 71, the new Citica, Metanium, Aldebaran, Scorpion XT, Scorpion 201 and the legendary but renewed curing 201 HG.

River Suiá Micu has a lot of attractions in it comes to angling with artificial either or bait by Andrewfishing. The Inn a luxury, attention, quality, hospitality of the people is unmatched, and food and drink cool as in no other place…

We hope to all who are interested in this destination or want advice on equipment, clothing, etc. on Power Fishing olives