Oman Travel Information

Due to the spread of the corona virus, foreign citizens are denied entry to Oman. International air traffic in/out of Oman has been canceled since March 29, indefinitely. For more information, see the section Health. According to Abbreviationfinder, OMN stands for Oman in geography.


Security in Oman is generally good and there is little crime in the country. The political situation in the country is largely calm, and as conditions are today, there is no danger of staying in Oman. There are a growing number of tourists from all over the world traveling to the country. According to countryaah, Oman is one of countries starting with letter O.

Traffic in Oman can be risky and it is recommended to exercise caution if traveling on Omani roads, not least because as a tourist it is usual to travel up the mountains. The road conditions in the cities and between the big cities are good. Road conditions in less urban areas vary.

The embassy advises everyone to register their journey via

There is little risk of natural disasters in Oman. Heavy sandstorms can occur inland in spring and summer. In southern Oman, the rainy season can lead to floods. However, tropical cyclones are rare. Always follow the advice of local authorities when severe storms are reported.

  • Countryaah: Muscat is the capital of Oman. Check to find information of population, geography, history, and economy about the capital city.

Major Landmarks in Oman


Please note that entry regulations may change. The Foreign Service is not responsible if the following information on entry regulations or visa requirements is changed at short notice. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that travel documents are valid for entry and to familiarize themselves with the current entry rules for each country.

Norwegian citizens must have a visa for Oman, and there are different types:

One entry, 10 consecutive days. Price: approx. 5 Omani Rial (OMR)
One entry, 30 consecutive days. Price: approx. 40 OMR
Multiple entries, a total of 30 days in one year. Price: approx. 70 OMR

The country has introduced an e-visa portal for visa applications and payment. The process is relatively simple, with short processing time. The application must be submitted no later than one week before entry. However, during a transitional period (2018/2019) it has been possible to obtain a ten day tourist visa on arrival. Some visa applicants have experienced technical problems with the visa portal and had to obtain a visa on arrival. It is unclear how long this transition period will last. The authorities are asking everyone to apply for and arrange a visa in advance.

Please note that there are rules for how long a visa is valid after it is issued, see the e-visa portal for more information. The expiry date for the visa is listed in the visa document itself.

The Oman Embassy in Berlin, which is responsible for the connections to Norway, can also provide further information on visa issues.

Oman’s Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Address: Clayallee 82, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Phone: (+49) 30 810 05 10
Fax: (+49) 30 810 051 99
Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 10 am-3pm Head of
Station: Mr Khalid Sulaiman ‘Abdul Rahman Ba ​​Omar, Ambassador


Coronavirus (covid-19): Norwegian travelers should keep abreast of the development of the coronavirus. Follow local authorities’ advice, guidance and instructions on how to deal with the situation.

You can find more information and guidance from the Norwegian health authorities on the website of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. See also UD’s answers to frequently asked questions about travel and coronavirus.

In Oman, there are hundreds of cases of infection, and the situation is developing rapidly. The authorities have quarantined a large number of people and introduced many measures to prevent dissemination. Among other things, banks, shops, mosques and restaurants are closed, public transport is stopped, all educational institutions are closed until further notice, private and public gatherings are prohibited. The metropolitan area (Muscat) is completely closed off. All events are postponed indefinitely, there is a ban on hand greeting, smoking shisha is illegal, etc.

As of March 29, all airports in Oman were closed to international air traffic. There is only public transport between the Musandam and Masirah areas. Some major European countries have set up separate (commercial) flights from Muscat to Europe. Norwegians traveling in Oman who want to return to Norway should check with their travel company/airline when the next flight is.

The authorities decided on March 15 to suspend the issue of tourist visas indefinitely. Foreign citizens are refused entry to the country and all residents must quarantine. Omani citizens abroad are brought home. Persons who do not report infection will risk three months imprisonment, as well as a fine of OMR 1000 (approx. NOK 28,500).

Follow the recommendations and instructions from Oman’s health authorities on Corona virus disease.

If you are in Oman, you can also call the national helpline, phone +968 921 99 389.

  • Take a closer look at Oman’s decision to stop tourist visas – on twitter.
  • See also overview of the situation throughout the Middle East.


The health care system in Oman is relatively modern. We still recommend travelers to contact the National Institute of Public Health for updated information.

Be prepared for warm climates, especially during the six summer months, as temperatures in the Muscat area and inland can reach 40-50 degrees.

All travelers to Oman should have travel insurance that includes returning home in case of serious illness. We also encourage all Norwegians traveling to or who have permanent residence in Oman to register at

Practical information

Oman is an Arab country on the Arabian Peninsula, with as close ties to the Indian Ocean as the Gulf. The vast majority of the population is Muslims. The Omani variant of Islam, ibadi, is characterized by a high degree of tolerance.

There is no mandatory dress code in Oman. The embassy nevertheless recommends that visitors pay attention to local traditions with a moderate dressing style that covers shoulders and knees. When visiting mosques, women must wear abaya and headscarf.

During the fasting month of Ramadan, one should not eat or drink in a public place between sunrise and sunset. At hotels and more international restaurants, however, there will be (discreet) service during the day.

In the area around Muscat most people speak English, but it can be more difficult to understand in the districts.

There are severe penalties for possession and use of narcotics. Serious drug law violations can result in the death penalty.

Homosexuality is prohibited in Oman, but the ban is not actively followed up.

The current in Oman is 220 volts. The power outlets are of the British type with three holes, but in the hotels there are often outlets also of the Norwegian type. There is mostly full mobile coverage.

ATMs such as Taking Visa cards is widespread. Most restaurants, hotels and shops accept payment by card.

Opening hours: The weekend in Oman is Friday and Saturday. Banks are usually open from 8am to 12pm and from 2:30 pm to 6pm, Sunday to Thursday, but with local differences. At Muscat International Airport there are 24-hour banking services, at Salalah airport it is open for arrivals and departures. Regular stores open 8 or 9 in the morning, with a lunch break from 12 or 13 to 16, and stay open for approx. 21 in the evening. Most are also open Friday 16 – 21.

National holidays are July 23 (“Renaissance Day”) and November 18 (National Day and Sultan Qaboos’ birthday). In addition come the religious holidays for Mohammed’s birthday and Ascension (Isra wa Miraj), Islamic New Year, as well as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

The time difference is +3 hours in winter time and +2 hours in summer time compared to Norway. According to allcitycodes, Oman area code is +968.

Norwegian Embassy and Consulate
Royal Norwegian Embassy
P.O.Box 94380
Riyadh 11693
Saudi Arabia
Tel: (+966 11) 488 1904
Fax: (+966 11) 488 0854 and (+966 1) 483 3168
Visiting Address: Diplomatic Quarter (at Roundabout # 4), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Opening hours Sunday to Thursday: 08.30-16.00 local time. Closed Friday and Saturday.

Honorary Consul General
Mr. Anwar Ali Sultan
Royal Norwegian Consulate General
P.O. Box 89 Ruwi-Muscat,
Postal Code 112,
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (+968) 245 26233
Fax: (+968) 245 26050
Visiting Address: Bait Towell, Building no. 81 Exhibition Road, Al Athaiba, Muscat, Oman.

Opening hours Sunday to Thursday: 8-17 local time. Closed Friday and Saturday.