Nine Good Reasons to Practice Triathlon

Nine Good Reasons to Practice Triathlon

You like to practice strong, that bring results fast? If you answered yes, the triathlon can be your sport. The sport unites cycling, racing and swimming. All in the same proof. Before you say that is not well-prepared enough to practice the triathlon we advised: even beginners can practice the activity, but always with professional supervision and respect for their limits. If you haven’t already become convinced that this sport can also be perfect for you, check out the following the list drawn up by the physical educator Roberto Lemos, the expert in the sport, with ten the reasons why it is worth to start already your training.

Nine Good Reasons to Practice Triathlon 1

Burning lots of calories

Don’t even need to participate in competitions of the triathlon to feel the calories going though. In just a workout of an hour’s duration it is possible to burn 600 to 1,000 of them. The classes must have a minimum frequency of three times per week and include biking, swimming and race, sometimes bringing together the three modalities in a single workout or giving highlight one of them per lesson.

Combat cellulite and sagging

Face journeys of more than 10km with bicleta and laps in the pool or in the sea, is more than effective to melt the fat and improve circulation. The muscles are worked almost to the limit, leaving the buttocks, legs, and arms very well shaped.

Strength and health

Even though in the beginning you will not be able to run at least 2 km without interrupts, it is possible to begin training for the triathlon. You just need to have the assistance of a specialized professional and will power. The results are quick and you still help to prevent heart disease, diabetes, overweight, and increase breathing capacity.

Nine Good Reasons to Practice Triathlon 2

Helps keep the diet balanced

The practice of the most intense sports help to keep a food healthy, already you enter into a vicious circle: the better you eat, better feel and more give in your workouts.

When you get into the groove of the workouts, you start to notice the improvement in the functioning of your body – it becomes easier to understand what is the right time to replenish carbohydrates and water during long workouts. And still learn in practice the importance of proteins in muscle recovery.

Good way

Triathleta that if self-respecting is not afraid to show the body. The trio of sports workslegs, butt, back, arms and abdomen. The result is a body more lean and defined, perfect to make beautiful on the beach when the summer get.

Ends up with stress

The practical exercises, especially those of greater intensity, releases endorphins, the substance that brings a sense of pleasure and well-being to the body. This is the experience of many people who trains after you sweat in training, the problems seem minor, and even in that situation, no solution has its importance reduced.

Nine Good Reasons to Practice Triathlon 3

The stimulus to travel

Those who start cycling soon if interested for local cool and where you go from bike. There are walks and bridleways wonderful throughout Brazil, that may be like extra training and still ensure a end of the week delicious. Already the swimming combines with the sea and the beach, or is, as a practitioner of the triathlon it is interesting to explore the coastline with much more frequency.

Allows a slip in the diet

Of course that does not to abuse, but as the practice of the triathlon are well drawn, your caloric expenditure will greatly increase (and your lean body mass also). That is, at one time or another give to eat that sweet without feeling that he was straight to the hips.


Someone who is practicing a sport regularly, used to set goals and achieve them. The result is more self-confidence and ability to deal with the frustrations, pitfalls and difficulties.

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