Morocco Trip FAQs

How much time should I allow for my Morocco trip?

No matter how long your vacation is, you have totally flexible options for your trip to Morocco. If you only have a long weekend, you can take a great city trip to Marrakech or Fès and get a taste of oriental life.

In one week, in addition to visiting the city, you can also have a few relaxing days on the beach . If you want to explore more than just one or two regions or cities, you should plan about ten days.

Of course, more is always possible: at least three weeks are required for a trip through the entire country. That’s enough to travel from the imperial cities to the mountains of the Atlas Mountains to the desert and on to the beach.

What should I definitely pack?

Even if it gets nice and warm in Morocco in spring, you should always take something to wear with you for cool evenings. In the desert there is night frost and even in the mountains it gets very cold at night.

A light cloth is useful. You can use it to protect yourself from the sun, but you can also wear it around your shoulders when visiting mosques or museums if there is too much bare skin to be seen.

In accordance with Islamic customs, clothing that covers the knees and shoulders is otherwise appropriate.

According to, the German plugs also fit into the Moroccan sockets. So you don’t need an adapter.

Is Morocco a safe country to travel to?

Overall, Morocco is a safe country. A study by the World Economic Forum even puts Morocco in 20th place among the safest travel destinations in the world.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful of pickpockets and tricksters, especially in larger cities and tourist strongholds.

But as long as you use common sense, you have little to fear in Morocco. In principle, the general precautions apply as in all other cities: for example, looking after your belongings in the crowd and avoiding dark, deserted streets in the evening.

Can I drink tap water in Morocco?

Tap water is not drinkable in Morocco. To be on the safe side, you should also make sure when buying water bottles that they really have the original seal.

In the cities of Morocco, the water is chlorinated, so you can at least use it safely to brush your teeth.

What language is spoken in Morocco?

Arabic and various Berber dialects are spoken in Morocco, which are also the official languages ​​of the country.

Don’t you speak that? No problem. If you know a little French, you’re already off the hook. Because French has been the lingua franca and a compulsory subject in schools since colonial times. You can get along very well with it in Morocco.

In the tourist centers such as Marrakech, Fes, Essaouira or Agadir, the hotels and larger restaurants you can also get by with English or Spanish.

Beyond that, however, it becomes difficult. Try to memorize at least a few key French words and have a dictionary handy.

Only in remote villages and in the mountains will you meet people who only speak Arabic or a Berber language. Here it is very helpful if you have a guide or driver by your side who can translate for you.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

Fair question as Islam forbids drinking alcohol and Morocco is an Islamic country. You should therefore avoid beer, wine and co. in public.

It’s different in hotels, bars or restaurants. It doesn’t bother anyone if you reach for alcoholic beverages.

In the big cities you can also find alcohol in special alcohol shops and also in some supermarkets.

Where to eat well in Morocco?

There are numerous restaurants in Morocco’s cities, serving both Moroccan and European (often French) cuisine. You will increasingly find simple and cheaper food stalls in the old town.

There are also numerous small cafes. They are the meeting point and communication center for Moroccans and you should definitely visit them during your stay in Morocco. It is best to order the typical Moroccan mint tea (thé à la menthe) there.

Attention : As a woman traveling alone, you should be careful when choosing your café. Some strictly traditional cafes in the medina are taboo for women according to Islamic culture. You’ll recognize them by the all-male, local crowd.

What do I have to consider when trading on the market?

Bargaining is simply part of the souks. At the tourist stands you can usually bargain down to half the asking price. You place your first bid further down so that the price can slowly settle down. Don’t be shy, haggling is obligatory.

But not only in tourist regions but also in less touristy areas, bargaining is part of shopping. Then the margin is lower, however, twenty percent discount is almost always possible.

This also applies to taking a taxi.

What do I have to pay particular attention to when taking photos in Morocco?

Considerate photography is the keyword here!

It’s tempting to keep the camera on the many foreign subjects in Morocco. But be careful, you are not allowed to photograph everything. Photographs of military installations are strictly prohibited.

When photographing people, it is a matter of respect to ask permission beforehand.

You should also be careful when photographing snakes, monkeys and other animals (e.g. on the Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakech), because money is required for this.