Mix Aerobics Pilates Exercises to Maximize Results

We all know the benefits that the Pilates It brings to our body, in addition to help keep calories in check and burn fat with this, it is one of the modalities of training that most helps us to acquire good posture of the body, because it helps us to align the spine. Therefore, it is highly recommended for all types of people, since it helps us also to acquire more flexibility and mastery of our body. But we can give a twist to the Pilates and improve even their results with a combination of aerobic exercise and routines of this modality.

As we all know the aerobic exercise It is also one of the best ways to get a good health. In fact, it is the best existing way of working circulatory system and keep some fat and cholesterol-free arteries. If we combine it with Pilates the resulting formula is a full exercise for anyone, Since the sessions they will adjust the level of each individual and the needs of the user.

The way of working sessions in which we mix Pilates with aerobics will be as follows. First of all we must bear in mind our body and the different parts that compose it. That is why what We will prepare will be a routine of Pilates exercise of low to medium intensity to start. In this exercises will mix different areas to work such as the abdomen, the back… All they will make in the usual way, i.e., as if in a class any Pilates.

The point different from this type of training will put you the integration of aerobics that normally are not it integrated in conventional Pilates sessions. For the realization of this you are going to do is select some machines such as the elliptical, bike, step… where will conduct sessions of three to four minutes between exercise at a high level of resistance. Thus we manage to increase the results of this training, since aerobic exercise will help us to consume larger amounts of energy, while the Pilates is responsible for toning the different parts of the body. It is important that we always are supervised by a professional, since if Pilates exercises are not well chosen and carried out can end up spend invoice.

Via | MensHealth