Marbella’s 3 Best Beaches

Around the municipality of Marbella there is a total of 20 km of sandy beach so if it is swimming and sun you have come there for, then you can be calm. Here, beach life and water sports are a must and people hang out on the beach, sunbathe on the beach and eat or go out. You also do not have to go far to get to the sea. Everywhere small and large beaches spread out and it is full of people at all hours of the day. Here are 3 tips on Marbella’s best beaches.

Playa de Venus and Playa de Fontanilla

These two central beaches are located right next to the center and are also considered some of the most beautiful bathing spots in the inner city. Playa de Fontanilla, located west of Playa de Venus, is 1 km long and 30 meters wide and consists of golden sand. It is crowded with people from all corners of the world as the famous promenade with its restaurants is just above. These two beaches are considered to be Marbella’s most popular and there is always something to look at as they are very close to the luxurious marina Puerto Banus with all the expensive boats and yachts. As soon as you get tired of beach life, just put on your flip-flops and trudge into town again.

Bounty Beach or Playa del Cable

3 km from the center of Marbella is a beach that is particularly suitable for water sports and beach volleyball. It is called Bounty Beach in English and has become one of the sun coast’s most popular inland beaches. With its 1300 meter long dunes and cute straw parasol, Bounty Beach is a hip and young beach where there is real life and movement. Here it is not only sunbathing that counts but also staying in shape. The beach is clean and nice and has several cozy restaurants next door that offer music, summer festival spirit and a nice atmosphere in general. Take a banana from the many banana trees or watch the palm trees sway in the wind.
“This is the place to be if you are cool”!

Playa Hermosa – a beach for children

This small beach is located 10 km or 15 minutes from the center, at a place called El Rosaria. Here the water is clear and the sand coarse-grained, just as it often is by the Mediterranean. The sea is free of waves so surfing is not the most watched water sport here. This beach is good if you have children who want to play at the water’s edge, as it is very shallow and calm here. Hermosa in Spanish means “beautiful” in Swedish and you can understand that when you see the beach. If you compare with many other beaches near Marbella, this is a relatively small beach which, however, has all the features it should have. Here are nice restaurants, one of which is called Poco Loco and many agree that it is the best in the area. There are also several bars, showers and parasols. As it is not very far from Marbella, you can either rent a car and go here or take a taxi. There is a shortage of buses going to this beach and the fact is that it is better to get here on your own.

Marbella's 3 Best Beaches