Map Sarek 1:50 000 – Review (1)

Calazo has expanded its range maps with tyvekkartor Sarek and Padjelanta in 1:50 000 – the previous was 1: 100 000. I have looked at them. How good are they? How much more information available? And it pays to replace their old to the new?


Sarek map is large, actually a few centimeters larger in width and length than the old 100,000-member. Half Sarek on each side, the division is made at the height of Bierikjávrre which is on both sides (north, respectively. Southern half). In the south there Kvikkjokk not, want to see the mountain village, you get to buy Padjelanta version.


The map looks overall very good looking out. The thinner lines ekvidistanser allows colors to be brighter and more nuanced in such a mountainous area that Sarek.


The names of the formations and terrain features have been expanded slightly but not very much. In principle, the names of the common scale map included. But a lot of glaciers that was previously nameless has got the name of the new map, which is nice to see. It has the potential to do much more, if the publisher wants. Sami language experts have much knowledge about things, and in books, for example, Axel Hamberg and Yngve Ryd figures names of places you would like to know where they were.


Just like the old map is the difference in ekvidistanslinjerna 20 meters.This compares with, for example, Jamtland map that is available with 10 meters. Still, writes Calazo on the cover that the map is not only an exaggeration of the usual mountain map but contain more. It is true in that they ekvidistanslinjer that are plotted is something more and above all, more detailed in their appearance. But less height differences that are not seen on the usual scale map are generally not on this either. However one may say that it is an improvement, albeit marginal. (I assume that it is Lantmäteriet provided with this information on their own to measure ekvidistanser must be a gigantic project.) The lines are consequently less frequent compared to the usual map and it becomes easier to see how steep slopes and deep ravines looks . Readability is better.

Above: examples of the map. In the background the new map 1:50 000, and recessed corresponding map 1: 100 000. The latter is not Calazos without Lantmäteriets Mountain Map on the Web, which essentially corresponds Calazos usual scale map. On the new map are blocks of terrain, more and more carefully plotted streams, more detailed contours, etc. But the height curves number is basically the same as the distance between them is 20 meters (as in the previous scale map).

Terrain Details

Calazo emphasizes that the map contains more information, including streams and blocks of land. Block Marker is plotted as areas with small dots. I do not know what use it is this; that almost every mountain top in Sarek is covered with blocks of land are of course well known, as are such terrain is very common at levels above 1000 meters. Despite this, I think I miss the symbol on a few areas that I myself thought was blocky.

The map is also – just like the usual mountain map – utritat thickets and difficult terrain. Here they have basically taken over Lantmäteriets information from the old map. I think the old information is incomplete, there is certainly reason to update it.