Lindsay Lohan Is Passed to The Side of The Blondes

According to the majority of fashion magazines this season spring-summer are chestnuts. Darker tone to the more clear, if you want to be stylish, your hair must be chestnut.

And although we have seen a Jessica Simpson dye his blond hair, and a Cameron Diaz change your average black hair by a chestnut something much more flattering mahogany, there are celebrities who refuse to follow the trend. First it was Vicky Beckham which was stained, it is now Lindsay Lohan , the last girl, Miu Miu, which has decided to change the color of your hair.

The question that arises is if Vicky and Lindsay get change the trend for this spring. At the moment, Vicky has created certain school with its parade melenita, Lindsay is more complicated. It is not the first time that we see her blonde, we followed on Jezebel his style closely, since she began dating in all media, until it has established itself as a media star, and we know that much fun you change the color of your hair.

We have known her chestnut, brunette, redhead and blonde. And not only these last two or three years. That day was a child prodigy of Hollywood, has led three different dyes in the last 48 hours. We don’t know if the first change, brunette with reddish touches by clear chestnut, completed not enumerate, or if it was part of the process to become a blonde. But Lindsay has been twice the room of Neil George, Beberly Hills, until you get your new look, for which it has paid $400.