Liberia Travel Information

Most trips to Liberia’s capital Monrovia are undertaken without any major problems, but travelers are encouraged to exercise greater caution when traveling outside the capital. Liberia has a poorly developed health system and transport security is limited.¬†According to Abbreviationfinder, LBR stands for Liberia in geography.


Crime targeting travelers occurs. Travelers are encouraged to act with care, take care of valuables and exercise caution in public places, especially at night. One should avoid walking alone on the beach. The police have little capacity to assist those who are exposed to criminal acts. This is especially true when traveling outside the capital. However, it is recommended to contact the nearest police station should you be involved in an accident.

Traffic accidents pose a risk, both in and outside the capital. The risk of political unrest is considered relatively low, but is not excluded. It is recommended to avoid larger human assemblies, such as demonstrations.

Liberia is not exposed to major natural disasters, but floods can occur in the rainy season (April – October). This can limit road accessibility.

Personal contact with strangers over the Internet is not recommended – online fraud is widespread in the region.

Norwegian citizens staying in or planning a trip to Liberia are encouraged to register their travel via

Major Landmarks in Liberia


Please note that entry regulations may change. The Foreign Service is not responsible if the following information on entry regulations or visa requirements is changed at short notice. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that travel documents are valid for entry and to familiarize themselves with the current entry rules for each country.

Norwegians must apply for a visa well in advance of entry. Visas can be applied for at the Liberian Embassy in Berlin.

  • Countryaah: Monrovia is the capital of Liberia. Check to find information of population, geography, history, and economy about the capital city.

Travelers must have a valid vaccine card upon entry. Gulf vaccine is required.


Gulf vaccine is required. Contact your doctor for advice on another travel vaccine well in advance of departure. Liberia is a malaria area. Preventive medication is recommended, as well as the use of mosquito repellent and mosquito nets.

The health services in Liberia are poorly developed. All travelers are encouraged to have travel insurance that covers transportation in case of serious illness.

Practical information

Norway is represented by an honorary consulate in Monrovia, but otherwise does not have a permanent presence in Liberia. Responsible Norwegian Embassy for Liberia is the embassy in Accra (Ghana). There is limited capacity for monitoring Norwegian nationals in the country. The UD’s 24-hour operational center in Oslo can be contacted on tel. +47 23 95 00 00 in case of emergency. According to allcitycodes, Liberia area code is +231.

Liberia is mainly a Christian country (85 percent), while 15 percent of the population is Muslim.